Tips for Finding the Best Cold Calling Software for Your Sales Team

Cold calling can be tough, which is why so many salespeople are hesitant to do it. The uncertainty, the hang ups, the defensiveness, the monotony—it’s a lot to put yourself through multiple times an hour, eight hours a day, five days a week. 

To be blunt: Cold calling can be agonizing.

But there’s a reason why we’re still cold calling. Cold calling can be wildly effective and is one of the best strategies for generating new leads.

And, here’s the kicker, cold calling doesn’t have to suck. The software you use to cold call can make or break your success, as well as the experience — with the right tools it can even be fun!

Software can help you prepare for a call, handle voicemails, emails, texts and other repetitive workflows, manage leads and communication history, and improve sales agents’ efficiency and ability to close deals. – Read more

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Internal Vs. External Customer Satisfaction – Getting An Equilibrium

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of a successful business; however, while most businesses focus their efforts on external customers, there are also real benefits to be gained by improving the satisfaction of internal customers. Here we’ll look at why it’s important to establish an equilibrium that benefits both internal and external customers.

What’s the difference between internal and external customers?

Essentially, external customers are the consumers that buy your products and services. They are customers in the traditional sense of the word. Internal customers are the stakeholders in your business, employees and partners who, rather than buying things from you, still need you to deliver services to them in order for them to carry out their work effectively. 

The importance of customer satisfaction for external customers

While customer satisfaction has always been important, that importance has grown significantly with the internet. Today’s online consumers frequently seek social proof about a company or product before they choose to give it their custom and will look at reviews, ratings, social media comments and more in order to come to a decision. 

How good those ratings and reviews are, of course, is directly related to customer satisfaction. If products are of bad quality, delivery is late, customer service is shoddy, the website too slow, etc., customer satisfaction will be poor and this will be reflected in what people have to say. As a consequence, the business at the receiving end will find it harder to attract new customers or keep hold of existing ones. This is why customer satisfaction is the predominant focus of most businesses – without customers, a company has no future. – Read more

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6 statistics you should know about hybrid and remote work

The end of the pandemic has not resulted in a rush back to the office—nor is it expected to anytime soon. That’s because a year of working from home has redefined work life—and with the increased productivity and other benefits businesses and employees alike have realized working remotely, many organizations are reconsidering the role of the office.

But this doesn’t mean physical workplaces are becoming obsolete. This month Google announced plans to transition its workforce to a hybrid model, with most employees splitting their time between home (or other remote locations) and the office. The announcement follows those of a growing number of enterprises—including organizations like Citigroup and Lockheed Martin—who are also switching to more flexible work arrangements. 

Whether your organization is still deciding what work will look like in the future or is actively planning for how to support hybrid and remote workforces, here are six important stats you should know.

1. 1 in 3 employees say they’ll quit if they’re not allowed to continue working from home 

It’s not hard to understand why employees want to work from home. Not having to come into the office every day eliminates commute time, allows for better work-life balance, and often makes work easier too because it reduces distraction. – Read more

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