Unbounce vs Clickfunnels – Which Is Best For Your Business

Unbounce Vs Clickfunnels – Which One Is Better For Your Business?

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The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cloud Solutions

We believe there are many reasons to migrate your organisation’s applications to the cloud, not least of which are cost savings, streamlined operations, redeployment of resources, reskilling of your internal teams and talent retention.  

In this blog, I answer the five most common questions I get asked about moving applications to the cloud, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right thing for your organisation.  

1. Is it secure and where is my data? 

“Is it secure?”  is one of the most commonly asked questions about the cloud. But as the cloud has become universal in organisations, the nature of the question has changed. 

Every year, major cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft spend billions to make their cloud services stable, robust and secure. Security measures and compliance certifications are available for all to see, and Microsoft’s cloud offering is as secure as it gets in terms of compliance, governance and physical security.  

The result? Today, almost everyone accepts that the cloud is secure. The conversation now is less around how secure it is and more around data control. It’s essential that organisations understand where their data lives, where it may go and who can access it in order to feel comfortable with moving to the cloud. 

A lack of understanding around how the cloud works is a barrier to adoption for many organisations. In the UK, law firms are amongst some of the most cautious adopters of cloud solutions, largely because of questions about where confidential client data will reside and who can access it.  

There needs to be an understanding that, by its very nature, the cloud exists in multiple locations – and your data can too. Azure, for example, for resilience can have multiple copies of data in multiple locations. And this conversation isn’t always an IT-led discussion; it needs the business to decide in which country their data should be reside, and whether they are comfortable with it potentially leaving UK soil. The cloud gives customers choice here, different services having different options about where data is stored, but it’s important that well informed decisions are made in this regard. 

Organisations need to know what they are letting themselves in for and understand how data will be stored and accessed which needs a complex, but not impossible, discussion about trust and understanding. In our experience, anyone who truly understands the options and how the cloud works has been confident in making an informed decision based on facts not fear.  

2.  Will all my IT staff be out of work/redundant? 

Generally, there isn’t a direct correlation between adopting cloud services and IT staff being let go.  We prefer to see this as freeing up IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Whether they’re in retail, manufacturing, healthcare or any other sector, businesses are trying to be ‘the best’ and provide the best service to their customers. IT should enable them to do that. It should be a supporter and enabler for a business to do its job and operate at its highest level. And for organisations that are held back by inefficient, outdated IT systems, embracing the cloud is one way to make improvements. 

Few organisations today choose to use physical servers; they are costly, require office space and need people to maintain and manage them. Solutions like O365 and Exchange Online are making delivery of common IT services easier, better and lower cost, and like it or not, the requirement for on-premise skills will reduce as cloud adoption becomes the new norm. As IT evolves, the skillset of IT teams needs to evolve with it, or face being left behind.  – Read more

Unbounce Review – Can It Increase Your Conversions Rates?


Learn whether or not you need a landing page builder, and if you do…will Unbounce be the best option for you? Find out in this review. Use this link to GET 20% OFF Unbounce Landing Pages ►https://unbounce.grsm.io/partnerr7eth…



Using a landing page builder to better convert your traffic comes with many benefits:
#1 – Hyper Relevancy
#2 – Ability to make changes quickly (without a developer)
#3 – A/B Split testing your marketing hypothesis
#4 – Offer a better search experience for your customers
And the list goes on.
The best part about using a landing page builder is that you can match your customers’ query to your ad, after that you can design a whole experience around the customers’ search query.
Building relevant landing pages will boost your Ad score, lower your CPC and in turn lower your cost per lead or conversion.
In addition to delivering higher conversion rates, you can make tweaks to your design or landing page copy very quickly without the need of a designer or developer to slow you down.
Unbounce gives you the ability to add custom HTML or CSS. You can easily pair your google analytics to your Unbounce landing pages or use the analytics that Unbounce provides.
Customer support is also a big factor. Unbounce has a Canadian based customer support team available by phone to help you with any problems or walk you through the setup process.
Read the full Blog Article here https://joshclicks.com/unbounce-review/
0:38 Importance of relevancy
2:15 Making changes to your landing pages
2:45 A/B Testing
3:09 My concerns when I was looking for a landing page builder
4:20 My favorite feature
5:28 Smart Traffic
6:20 Using Domains (URL) in Unbounce
6:58 Dynamic Text Replacement Example
Use this link to GET 20% OFF Unbounce Landing Pages ► https://unbounce.grsm.io/partnerr7eth…
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