How to Asana: Save time with templates

Any type of team can browse ready-made templates to get their team jump-started in Asana.

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Have templates of your own? Turn that project into your own template, so you can jump right into the project—without manually duplicating work.

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What are Asana Goals?

With Goals in Asana, your team now has a single source of truth for your shared objectives that’s connected to the work to achieve them. Setting and tracking goals with Asana can boost your team’s performance while ensuring your organization is focused on the right priorities to drive the results you want.

In this video we’ll cover:

– Goals methodology

– How to add your team’s goals to Asana

– How Goals fits in with the rest of your team’s work in Asana


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How to Asana: Remote work tips



Managing remote work | Asana tutorial

Manage remote work and help your remote team gain clarity, continuity, and connectivity #withAsana.

See it in action:

—Remote meeting agendas

—Remote business continuity plans

—Remote intake requests

—Remote project directory

To learn more about how Asana can help your team work remotely for free – See more