6 Ways You Can Make Your Home Office More Productive

My Post (30)As a result of the unprecedented times we are living in with COVID-19, many people now find themselves working from home and trying to stay productive. There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment but there are ways we can maintain some kind of normality through our work which can be just as efficient and rewarding. The LeadByte team came together to give you our top tips for keeping up with work during this difficult time.

Make A Schedule And Keep To It
LeadByte team member Macaullay who keeps our Marketing in check says one of the best ways to stay productive is by drawing up a schedule for the week, tasks that need to be achieved and on what days, targets that need to be hit and possibly adjusted, etc. This is a highly effective way to stay productive and keep track of where you are at. When we are at the office we can all feed off one another’s productivity, in lockdown that is much more difficult to do which is why a schedule is a great way to help you. There are some apps that can assist you in building a schedule, for example, Trello is an app where you can add and tick off tasks as and when they have been met or asana for teams who want to work on a schedule together!

Designate An Area For Office Space
For those of us used to working at a desk we simply cannot work from a couch or dining room table with noise and daily life occurring all around us, we need a space that is designated for work and one away from the family (sadly). Find a spot in the house where you can be alone and set up a desk, a comfortable chair, close to a power outlet with good lighting and preferably close to a window (for air and natural light). We cannot even begin to hope to be productive without a designated space for a home office. This brings us to our next point…

Take Breaks
Taking breaks is essential to productivity, a study from the University of Florida says that you can only be productive for 90-minute intervals before your brain absolutely has to take a break. Now unlike at the office, your home office has ample places for you to take your breaks, have a cup of tea with the family, go for a brisk walk (while keeping a safe distance from others out exercising), have a snack or whatever relaxes you. Just remember to resume your work within the allocated time you have given yourself which is why watching a series or carrying on with a puzzle are not good ideas for breaks as we can easily fall into the trap of never returning to our desks! What are some of the things you do when taking a break?

Keep A Routine
Sticking with a routine you are familiar with not only applies to your productivity but also office habits such as morning meetings, casual days, Friday drinks or any other typical office happenings. Keep up with these office routines. If you normally have a meeting on Monday mornings keep that up, download Zoom and have everyone catch up for 40 minutes on what to cover through the week. This will keep everyone in routine and will help lead to a more productive team. Everyone is feeling anxious about the future, concern for loved ones and enjoying some time online with the team and beer on Fridays or sharing your casual Friday outfit (which if we are honest should be our PJs) can help employees feel a part of a community and more connected to one another and to their working environment. We are after all creatures of habit! – Read more

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How Important is the Option to Work Remotely to Employees?

My Post - 2020-03-09T175427.280.pngWill the option to work remotely make or break a job acceptance? We conducted a nationwide survey to determine how greatly job seekers value remote work

How Important is the Option to Work Remotely to Employees?

Technology has advanced to a point where employees can grab a laptop and their cell phone and set up shop wherever it is most convenient. This has led to a major shift in how companies do business. Rather than asking their employees to commute to work every day or even at all, many companies have opted to give their employees completely free reign for whether or not they work from a desk. In fact, most companies will at the very least offer the option to work from home when their employees are feeling under the weather or have a personal situation going on that requires them to leave the office.

This option is seen as a vital way to accumulate talent as it becomes more expected as a perk. Companies see huge benefits to giving their employees more freedom, and it also cuts office costs and boosts general engagement for employees. It seems like a win-win for both employees and companies. But as it becomes a more mainstream option, there has been more discussion about how important this is to continuous talent acquisition. This survey asked over 2,500 people nationwide how important they feel that the option to work remotely is to their decision to accept a job. The results might surprise you.

On average, the ranking for how important it was to an employee that their employer offers a remote work option was lower than we would have estimated. Most states averaged right around the middle of the road for how highly they rank working from home as a perk. Vermont had the highest average at just under 7 out of 10, followed by Alaska and New Hampshire. It’s possible that the snow-filled winters (and by extension snowy road conditions) had something to with the higher rankings in the Northeast!

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Tennessee had the lowest ranking for how important they feel the option to work remotely is to their work experience. – Read more

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Email Marketing Psychology Guide to Better Emails

My Post - 2020-02-26T181503.493.pngEmail marketing psychology is a huge part of selling anything through email. To make sales, we need to appeal to people’s senses and make them feel something if we plan on getting them to buy.