Work from anywhere is the future. Say goodbye to work from home

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Work from anywhere is the future. Say goodbye to work from home

Work from anywhere is the future. There’s been a lot of hype about the ongoing remote work revolution. While it’s a trend that’s been gathering steam for a number of years, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced a lot of employers to shift to remote working almost overnight. Now it seems it’s here to stay as a permanent fixture, and we’re all still grappling with what exactly that means.

From the smallest startups, to call centers and the biggest business behemoths (such as Amazon), remote work opens up a lot of new possibilities. It allows employers to take their pick of the top talent from a much wider area, giving firms a much bigger pool to choose from.

It also presents new possibilities to employees and job seekers. In the new world of work, it’s possible to be a true digital nomad, pursuing exciting lifestyle and job opportunities wherever it takes your fancy. Your employer might be based in one part of the world while you’re based in another – anything goes. Work-from-home jobs have come to provide employees with a previously unprecedented degree of freedom.

It’s therefore in the interests of employers to accommodate remote working arrangements. Those that don’t will risk losing out on talented people – including customer service representatives, digital marketing and SEO professionals, and graphic design specialists – to other businesses. This could have serious and lasting impacts.

Whether you call it remote working, working from home (WFH), or working from anywhere, this is a phenomenon that’s bringing about far-reaching changes to the way we work. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive introduction; we’ll discuss what remote work means, bust some of the myths surrounding it, and assess the pros and cons. In particular, we’ll look at why ‘working from home’ no longer reflects the full reality of remote work.

What is it called when you work from anywhere?

There are a number of different terms for the phenomenon under discussion here. A lot of people use the term ‘remote working’, while others call it ‘working from home’. Both terms are a little too limiting, however, and don’t capture the full complexity of these new working arrangements. – Read More

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