You’ve seen it in marketing materials, your smartphone’s menu options, and even on social media and gaming, but why is ‘cloud’ a buzzword right now?

Cloud technology has quickly risen to prominence in internet infrastructure over recent years, and many systems use cloud-based hosting to store your most important files.

What is the Cloud? 

The ‘cloud’ refers to a dynamic form of a web server that is capable of scaling to meet users’ and systems’ changing needs, on-demand.

Whereas a traditional web server is a static, unchanging platform to host files online. Cloud servers can be added-onto in terms of both size and resources to meet customer needs.

Why the Cloud is Everywhere 

Cloud-based technology is built to be fast, secure, and accommodating. Since cloud infrastructure is virtual, it can be deployed over a vast amount of physical web servers in a variety of locations.

This allows for super-fast data retrieval, which is handy if you’re looking to download games, photos, movies, or other large data files over the Internet. – Read more