Why CPAs and Accountants Choose Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

Many CPAs and accounting organizations have migrated their QuickBooks Enterprise software to the cloud because they want remarkable business results.

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the best business software used for accounting and bookkeeping process automation. This tool helps you generate reports, clear payments, and even manage payroll.

It simplifies, improves productivity, and enhances accuracy.

What more do you need?

Accountants and CPAs require the power to work remotely. No client will wait, they expect you to offer these important services regardless of crucial situations – or the pandemic. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting offers remote access, security, and disaster recovery.

Here’s a quick overview of why CPAs and accountants choose QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Whether you are struggling with security issues, remote accessibility, or higher management cost, cloud hosting is the solution. Cloud hosting brings to you so many benefits that help you in various ways. Let’s see how:

  1. Keep a Tab on Your Costs

While implementing remote access in QuickBooks Enterprise, the cost is a crucial consideration. Every small and medium organization or CPA and accounting firm runs on a budget. But, when you go remote, your budget shivers, and so does your cost management.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps you manage costs. You can reduce your expenses by scaling up and down according to the demands of the organization. For instance, getting more resources during the peak season or tax season and reducing these resources after that.

Apart from these costs, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting reduces your IT hassles. You don’t need to keep upgrading your systems to stay relevant. The cloud instance of QuickBooks can be run on any device with minimal resources.

  1. Ensure Data Security

In the previous year, the coronavirus pandemic gave rise to many cyberattacks. Since enterprises all across the globe worked remotely, hackers received a chance to intrude on your systems. As a result, we saw many shattering cyberattacks, such as a Ransomware attack on Sopra Steria.

But, fortunately, technologies like the cloud can better equip us to deal with these attacks. Within your organization, there can be multiple loopholes and security threats. Your data on the office computers is not safe!

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise allows your cloud service provider to take care of your critical business data from cyber threats. Your CSP deploys a high-end structure for enterprise-grade security, including intrusion detection and prevention systems, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, etc.

The right cloud service provider helps you find what, who, why, when, and where of your data.

  1. Superfast with Maximum Uptime

Usually, your cloud service provider will keep your QuickBooks Enterprise and its data files on High-Performance Computing Servers. This allows quick access to your data from anywhere.

Along with superfast access, you get maximum uptime. In-house, a series of factors impact your uptime, such as system crash, power outage, hacker attack, etc.

On hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, you get 99.99% uptime. This helps you resume your accounting and bookkeeping services all the time. There’s no interruption.

  1. Add-Ons and Integrations

According to the requirements of your CPA and accounting firm, you can easily integrate various add-ons to your QuickBooks Enterprise. For example, payroll software, ERP, MS Office, CRM, Emails, and other apps that help you automate and work with higher efficiency.

  1. Get Business Continuity

Your cloud service provider regularly backs up your data, which helps you recover during a disaster. The cloud providers have various geographically isolated servers for cloud storage. These servers contain redundant data, which secures your app and its data in case of a disaster. You can recover your apps and data from another server as soon as possible.

Overall, this leads to improved business continuity. Even in the worst situations, your business can recover quicker than expected.

FAQs to Consider

How Many Add-Ons Can You Use?

Ideally, you can get up to 250 or more add-ons with hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. This includes inventory management, billing, ERP, CRM, etc. These add-ons seamlessly work with your QuickBooks Enterprise instance.

Why Should I Migrate to the Cloud?

If you are confused about migrating your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud, then evaluate these factors:

  • Are you struggling with remote access?
  • Do you need automatic software upgrades?
  • Do you need better data security?
  • Is real-time collaboration imperative to you?
  • Are you tired of costly maintenance and management?

How Can I Find the Right Provider?

One of the most crucial questions is how to find a worthy provider. There are so many cloud service providers in the market. Which one can you choose?

Here are the factors that you should consider:

  • Look for experience. With experience, you get deep knowledge of the cloud service, which means improved support.
  • Check the security structure. You can’t leave your data in the hands of a provider that is not equipped to keep confidential data secure.
  • Uptime is a deal-breaker. Anything less than 99.99% uptime should not be acceptable, as it means more downtime and more hassle.
  • Seamless customer support and quick resolutions to issues that you and your team are facing
  • Simpler scalability is another major requirement. You should be able to scale and de-scale your resources without any issue in hours rather than days.

Finally, check reviews of the provider online to understand their services better. Customer experiences offer a true and clear insight into services.


CPAs and accountants choose hosted QuickBooks Enterprise because it is a feasible solution. The gap in your processes, even after having amazing software like QuickBooks Enterprise, is filled with cloud hosting.

However, before migrating your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud, evaluate your expectations and requirements of the cloud. Based on these factors, find a well-known cloud service provider.

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