What is the difference between a dedicated server and VPS?

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My Post - 2020-03-03T153722.172.pngWith many hosting providers in the industry, it may be a bit of a challenge to find the right server for your hosting purposes. To fully understand what type of server you need, we will explain the difference between a Dedicated Server and VPS below. This will make it easier for you to choose the best hosting option according to your needs.

What is VPS?

A VPS is almost identical to a dedicated server. The main difference is that the resources of the server such as CPU, RAM, storage will be split between different virtual servers. For a better understanding, you can see a VPS as an apartment that is shared with other roommates. Every roommate gets their room, which means that you can do whatever you want on your own VPS without disturbing others. The separate rooms are realized by virtualization software. So one entire sever acts as several servers and they all can run its applications, control panel licenses, and operating systems independently. Furthermore, the data is spread across multiple servers which lead to greater control and more security assurance.

When do you need to choose VPS?

You can choose a VPS when you want to start small without making big investments. A VPS offers more flexibility than a dedicated server in terms of upgrading or downgrading to another plan.
You can start with a small plan, and as you grow, you can easily scale to bigger plans without experiencing any downtime. You can run any applications without any hassle. The resources are completely yours and you can expect high performance but not as much as the performance of a dedicated server. – Read more

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