What is the best cloud storage for UK small business?

My Post (72).pngWhat is the best cloud storage for UK small business? A Small Business guide to the most popular cloud storage systems for SMEs

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage means storing data and applications on remote servers and accessing them via the internet, as opposed to saving or installing them on your office server.

The term cloud is used when data is stored on remote servers owned by other companies.

With cloud computing, all your data can be stored on the effectively infinite space of the internet rather than on space-limited hard drives on premises.

Cloud storage can also be accessed anywhere on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. None of your business info is confined to single hard drive, server or location.

Even if one server goes down, you can still access your data because it would also be held in another server. This way, you avoid the disaster of data loss if your own onsite server went down.

How does cloud storage work?

When you upload a file into a cloud-based service such as Google Drive or iCloud, the file gets copied over the internet into a data server. Data servers are where companies store your files on multiple hard drives. Most companies have thousands of these servers known as server farms spanning multiple locations, so if one goes down you won’t lose your data because it will be backed up to another location. That is known as “redundancy” and it keeps your data from getting lost.

The backend of a cloud storage system consists of data storage, a central server and computer network. The central server monitors the system, tracking demand and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Can you lose data in the cloud?

Of course, it is possible for individual cloud servers to fail as a result of physical damage to the hardware. But while servers or even entire server farms could go out of action, it would be practically impossible for the cloud in its entirety to crash. The cloud, much like the internet, is not one single system reliant on one single connection. – Read more

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