What is Remote Desktop?

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Working remotely
As all the normal rules for business no longer stand in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, working remotely has become a lifeline for UK companies.

But how can users securely access their work files and data from their home PCs whilst working remotely?

What is a Remote Desktop?
Remote Desktop is essentially a virtual office environment which allows users to access their files, data and applications from any device, anywhere in the world.

Users can connect to their office PC remotely in a simple and secure way and interact with their workplace PC as if they were using it locally. Remote Desktops are charged on a monthly basis for the number of virtual desktops that are required.

Hyve’s Remote Desktop solution
With increasing numbers of people trying to access their office PCs during the working day, connecting to a remote solution through a normal office network could cause performance problems. As office networks are not designed for hundreds of users trying to connect from outside, the network wouldn’t be able to cope with the number of connections and could fail under the pressure.

Hyve’s Remote Desktop solution provides users with a cloud-hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), where all desktop systems are hosted on a high-performance cloud platform in a secure data centre, instead of running it from the office location.

With Remote Desktop, the office server is essentially moved into Hyve’s cloud infrastructure, providing far better performance, flexibility and security. Users connect to the Remote Desktop solution from their home with every user having an individual network in the cloud.  – Read more

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Table of Contents