What is cloud security?

My Post - 2019-10-21T150637.477.pngStoring data in the cloud has many benefits, but failure to secure it can lead to very real consequences

The value of data to modern businesses can hardly be overestimated. For some, data insight is what drives their success, for others, it’s their most valuable commodity.

The amount of data available is hard to store and process on-premise, though, which is what has driven the popularity of the cloud. With cloud storage services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure, as well as cloud software products like Salesforce and Workday, even the smallest businesses now have access to analytical tools that were previously only within the reach of the very largest banks, retailers and the like.

While this is extremely useful, it presents a new problem from an information security point of view: How to secure all this data when it’s located in the cloud and, increasingly, scattered across several services.

This is where cloud security comes in. Also known as cloud computing security, it consists of a set of controls, procedures, policies and technologies that work to protect your cloud-based systems and infrastructure.

Here are some of the threats facing your data in the cloud – and how cloud security systems can mitigate them.

What is cloud security?

Cloud security is the protection of data, systems and applications that an individual or business keeps within the cloud, whether that be public, private, or hybrid. This could include implementing tools such as firewalls, VPNs, password managers and other controls that regulate access to data.

This is because it’s not the cloud itself that needs to be secured, but the various points of entry there are, be it through login credentials for an app or restricting the number and variety of devices that can access the data stored there. – Read more