What is an online doc viewer?

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Sharing docs online often comes with plenty of problems.

It’s always the same story—they shared a document with their team, only to immediately get messages from everyone that their uploaded files aren’t accessible.

Add on the process of handling permissions, file types, and formats, and there are many places to get lost.

That’s why finding the right online doc viewer is so important.

This article will show you how to find your perfect online doc viewer, so you and your team can work together without interruptions.

What is an online doc viewer?

An online doc viewer is a browser-based app that you use to see any type of file on any device.

Why do we need them?

We’ve all known the frustration of trying to open an important document and getting an error message or a file full of gibberish.

Usually, it’s because there’s a mismatch between our viewing software and the file’s format.

But why are there so many different formats for documents — even simple text documents?

It’s partly because of corporate competition.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, when a company developed a new program, they often built a proprietary file format that only their software could open. That’s how .doc and .docx came to be.

But it’s also because different use cases call for different tools.

For example, TIFF is the highest quality image file format. So why aren’t all images saved in TIFF form?

In order to avoid sacrificing quality, TIFF files are enormous. JPEGs take up much less space on a server. They’re ideal for image-heavy websites — like any dashboard made using the monday.com digital asset management template.

monday.com digital asset management template

So how do you deal with so many file formats?

You used to have to grit your teeth and download different software for each format you worked with. If you needed to reference several docs at once, your only option was constantly switching between each app.

Now that online doc viewers are on the rise, it’s possible to read every doc you need from a single location.

And the perks don’t stop there. – Read more

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Table of Contents