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Marketing has always been closely related to advertising. It is impossible to escape traditional and digital ads nowadays because they are everywhere – from billboards lining the streets to our social media feeds. But marketing is so much more than ads.

Brands willing to think outside the box can really benefit from uncommon marketing opportunities that don’t involve creating and designing advertisement campaigns, posting them online, and promoting them. Let’s dive in and explore some effective alternatives that will bring in the results:

Write Catchy Meta Descriptions

Write Catchy Meta Descriptions

Quickly writing a meta description for your blog posts and pages might seem convenient, but if you want someone to click on your link, make sure you tell them exactly what to expect. A meta description should be readable and feature a couple of main keywords. These will help you out with search algorithms.

But your main goal is to attract potential customers, so make them interested in your content. A couple of well-written sentences could persuade them to choose your article among all the other search results.

Revamp your webpage

Revamp your webpage

Most brands have a webpage, but lately, everyone is focusing on their social media presence. Some haven’t updated their content for ages. Many people still rely on search engines to discover new businesses and brands, so now is the time to add fresh content and revamp your webpage. It is still a huge part of your brand identity, and quality texts could draw the audience you want to your business.

If you haven’t updated your blog in a while, go back and check for broken links and outdated information. Social media is available on phones, and most of us use these devices to search the web because they are always with us. Cookie popups could be annoying for most people, and they often use extension, for example VPN extension for Chrome browser or similar products to stop them.

So don’t ruin the customer experience by including large popup windows. Of course, ensure the loading time is short and that the webpage looks good on mobile devices!

Work On The Presentation

Sending out invoices is a part of every business, but they don’t have to look plain. Add a touch of personality to them and improve the customer experience by making it easy to pay. It will make new customers return and engage with your brand more.

Additionally, your clients should feel valued. Add a thank you note with every order, and make sure you use custom stationery for this. Small tokens of appreciation are always welcome, especially with long-term clients. Consider printing out goodies with your brand’s logo and sending them out to them in a gift box.

Customer experience

Create A Pleasant Environment

Customer experience should be impeccable in your business location. Therefore, design the interiors so that they reflect your brand. Investing in high-quality decorations is always a great idea as they give an air of elegance and sophistication. Ensure your clients feel good when they come to your business. It includes treatment and waiting time.

Your office staff should know how to communicate with a client from the moment they arrive at the location. Invest in proper training that should represent your brand. The customer experience can be improved by fixing tiny things, so pay attention to all details.

Improve Your Products And Services

Your products and services are the best way to market your brand without advertising. Therefore, listening to feedback from your customers can help you improve and do better. Encourage your audience to share as much as possible with you and give an honest opinion regarding the overall experience with your brand.

Make sure each person who orders your products is satisfied with the quality of whatever you sell. Additionally, the ordering and shipping should be as simple as possible. It is an easy way to ensure that they will come back to your brand time and time again.

Virtual events

Virtual Events

Hosting virtual events is super easy nowadays, and you will also get to interact with your customers. These events should be designed to teach the audience something new, preferably by using your products or services. If you own a small makeup company, create an event for your latest launch and teach the customers different makeup techniques that will be useful to them in everyday life.

everyone can join in

Businesses that sell cookware could host a virtual event that includes a cooking class. There are so many ideas you can explore with the virtual events because everyone can join in. Even if they are on a different side of the globe or can’t access the virtual event because of geo-blocking, your audience could try a VPN Chrome extension and still attend.

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