Unbounce vs. Clickfunnels Comparison

In this video, I show you the differences between Unbounce and ClickFunnels to help you decide which option is right for you. A little bit about myself – I have started using ClickFunnels in 2017 when I first started online marketing and since then have built a total of 179 funnels/landing page with them. I have built over 100+ landing pages with Unbounce as well and generated money from both ClickFunnels as well as Unbounce pages. So I have some experience using both of these tools and can provide a more thorough look at the differences between the 2 software tools.

In this video, I cover 5 main points to compare between ClickFunnels and Unbounce.

1. Function – does the software deliver what it promises?

2. Simplicity – how easy is it to use the software?

3. Control – how much customization do you have available?

4. Support – is the support team there for you and willing to help?

5. Price – a combination of all of the above tools So let’s start with the first point then!


1. Function. ClickFunnels is considered the all-in-one marketing tool that gets you everything you need to promote your products online. That means they include autoresponders, affiliate management tool, webinar funnels, sales funnels, membership sites, domains, etc … Do they fulfill their promise? Well yes and no. They DO deliver everything as they say … but the tools aren’t as perfect as you would want them to be. For example emails sometimes don’t go out appropriately to all members of your email list, membership sites have some issues, webinars are usually best if using another specific webinar tool in conjunction, etc … Unbounce on the other hand promises you the ability to create landing page, and they fully deliver on that promise – they give you all the tools you need to create the best landing pages, including dynamic text replacement (DTR), which can increase your Google/Bing ads quality scores. For the function, I would give Unbounce the win.

2. Simplicity. Both tools are very easy to use, but ClickFunnels is just a tad bit easier because their page consists of “blocks”. You drag and drop elements you want into these blocks and are done with it. In Unbounce on the other hand, there are no blocks and you need to make sure the elements fit in neatly wherever they should be. So although both are very easy to learn and use, ClickFunnels page creation is just a tad bit easier.

3. Control/Customization. The flip side of the coin for simplicity is control. Because ClickFunnels is so simple to use, there is also a limit as to what you can do. In the video, I show you how if you want to place an arrow ANYWHERE on the page, you really can’t and it has to go in specific blocks. With Unbounce on the other hand, you can place elements ANYWHERE on the page at all, so you have way more control here.

4. Support. Full disclaimer, I haven’t used any support for ClickFunnels nor Unbounce in the past few months, but from what I recall, ClickFunnels support is good, whereas Unbounce is excellent. I really felt like a special customer with Unbounce and when I signed up, I was even sent a bag of goodies to my home, which was an awesome personal touch! With ClickFunnels, I feel like the support has really gone down over my last few months talking to them, and they mostly just give generic answers now.

5. Pricing. So this will depend on everything we talked about already. Both have 14-day free trials, so you can try both and see if they work for you. In general, I would recommend using ClickFunnels if you want to build sales funnels, and Unbounce if you want the most control over your landing pages! That’s it!

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