Unbounce Review – Can It Increase Your Conversions Rates?

Learn whether or not you need a landing page builder, and if you do…will Unbounce be the best option for you? Find out in this review. 

Using a landing page builder to better convert your traffic comes with many benefits:
#1 – Hyper Relevancy
#2 – Ability to make changes quickly (without a developer)
#3 – A/B Split testing your marketing hypothesis
#4 – Offer a better search experience for your customers
And the list goes on.
The best part about using a landing page builder is that you can match your customers’ query to your ad, after that you can design a whole experience around the customers’ search query.
Building relevant landing pages will boost your Ad score, lower your CPC and in turn lower your cost per lead or conversion.
In addition to delivering higher conversion rates, you can make tweaks to your design or landing page copy very quickly without the need of a designer or developer to slow you down.
Unbounce gives you the ability to add custom HTML or CSS. You can easily pair your google analytics to your Unbounce landing pages or use the analytics that Unbounce provides.
Customer support is also a big factor. Unbounce has a Canadian based customer support team available by phone to help you with any problems or walk you through the setup process.
Read the full Blog Article here https://joshclicks.com/unbounce-review/
0:38 Importance of relevancy
2:15 Making changes to your landing pages
2:45 A/B Testing
3:09 My concerns when I was looking for a landing page builder
4:20 My favorite feature
5:28 Smart Traffic
6:20 Using Domains (URL) in Unbounce
6:58 Dynamic Text Replacement Example
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