Top 7 Reasons To Upgrade To QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Top 7 Reasons To Upgrade To QuickBooks Premier Hosting

With users around the globe, QuickBooks Premier is a widely-sought after accounting software. However, with time, industries have changed how they deploy their QB solutions. Instead of setting it up locally, they now prefer to host it on the cloud to enhance its features.

This way, they can boost QuickBooks Premier’s pre-existing functionalities, be more productive, and enjoy more operational efficiency.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your QB Premier or use it for the first time, you must go for a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution.

Here we will discuss how to:

How to upgrade to QuickBooks Premier Hosting?

There are two ways of using hosted QuickBooks Premier solution.

Firstly, you can set it up yourself. A hosted QuickBooks Premier works via a central server, requiring high technical expertise and significant capital for setting it up.

On the other hand, you can contact a QuickBooks Premier hosting provider and get their services. For the best possible experience, it is suggested to choose Intuit authorized service providers.

  1. Security Infrastructure

With the number of cyber-attacks increasing, it is imperative to have a top-notch security framework to protect your accounting data. But, a locally-installed QB Premier lacks such world-class security infrastructure.

Also, apart from the necessary cyber-defenses, locally stored data is vulnerable to physical theft. In a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution, information is stored at remote servers under constant CCTV monitoring, with round-the-clock surveillance by armed guards.

A reputed QuickBooks Premier hosting provider deploys security measures like an IDP system, the latest antivirus solutions, MFA, bank-grade encryption, and other modern anti-hacking tools to safeguard your sensitive financial data.

  1. Uptime Assurance

With continued usage, any hardware component can malfunction at some point in time. For example, if your system crashes, you’ll have to wait for at least a few minutes before your data is available again.

Hosting your QuickBooks Premier assures data availability with up to 99.999% uptime SLA-backed guarantee from a renowned hosting provider. Your data is regularly backed up at several remote data servers with advanced cooling systems and the latest IT components to minimize hardware failure. Also, even if one server is down, you get connected with another server to access your data.

To know more about importance of uptime, read- Why Uptime Matters In QuickBooks Hosting?

  1. Remote Access

A locally-deployed QB Premier is hardware-dependent and cannot be accessed outside the device in which it is installed. So, if that particular device gets damaged or lost, you cannot access your accounting data. Also, having a locally-installed QB Premier makes it challenging to hire remote workers or let your employees work on the go.

A hosted QuickBooks Premier solution can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, via the Internet, and using any device such as a laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc. So, whether you are working from home or accessing QB Premier data while commuting, you and your employees can remotely access the software without any restrictions.

  1. IT Support

In a traditional QB Premier environment, the entire IT responsibility falls upon your shoulder. Whether it is procuring parts for its setup or purchasing necessary hardware components for any repairs/replacement, you have to manage everything.

However, a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution is different.All you need is to manage the devices and let your service provider manage the rest. They even have a team of seasoned IT professionals who are available round the clock and can be readily reached for any issue.

  1. Employee Collaboration

Anyone who handles accounting data knows how extensive it is. This makes collaboration between accountants and other stakeholders an integral part of everyday accounting.

However, traditionally collaborating means repeatedly sending the different versions of the same file until the task is completed. So, even if it gets the work done, what about the filled-up disk space and multiple copies of the same data?

A hosted QuickBooks Premier solution has a centralized database that can be accessed remotely. All you need is to share access to that particular file, and you can work with your other accountants without having to transfer files back and forth. Also, all the changes get updated in real-time, which means that everyone has access to the latest version.

  1. Seasonal Scalability

The need for computational resources like RAM and storage varies seasonally for any accounting firm. During the tax season, they need additional resources for handling and processing vast volumes of accounting data. While they can scale up, it is usually costly. Also, the components are liable to go obsolete after a few years.

A hosted QuickBooks Premier offers scalability on the go at a relatively economical price. Instead of permanently housing the extra resources, you get them during the tax season and scale down once it is over. For this, all you need is to contact your hosting provider, and they will rapidly provide you with the necessary resources.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Whether small or large, every business owner seeks to reduce operational costs without suffering from performance issues. However, locally-installed QB Premier can be costly to set up.

But, a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution gives you the desired cost-effectiveness with remarkable performance output. All you need is to pay a monthly subscription fee, and several expenses like solution deployment, maintenance, upgrades, etc., are taken care of by the service provider. This way, you can avoid hiring/buying an office space in the first place, prevent IT costs, and save up significantly.


QuickBooks Premier Hosting is a one-stop solution for every accounting needs. The reasons mentioned above prove that it offers several benefits like remote access, enhanced data security, flexible scalability, etc., at a reasonable price.

In addition to these points, it is also crucial to choose a reliable and trustworthy cloud hosting provider. The right QuickBooks Premier Hosting provider will help you improve your efficiency by multiple folds.

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