Top 10 Questions for conducting Online Video Interviews

Video interviews are the best and most feasible medium for interviewing your candidates, considering the current pandemic situation. By scheduling onsite, in-person interviews, you are putting your hiring team and your candidates at risk. With an effective video interviewing software, your hiring managers can schedule and conduct interviews from the safety of their homes. Furthermore, your candidates can also answer your screening questions according to their convenience.

Hiring teams today are slowly adapting towards the new normal. To help you ease your transition to online interviews, we have made a list of the top 10 video interview questions that you can ask your candidates at the time of their preliminary screening. 

Top 10 Video Interview Questions for you!

1. Why should we hire you?

This question will help you understand whether your candidate is happy and excited at the prospect of joining your company. It helps you know whether your candidate will be a good fit for your organization.

You should understand your candidate in order to know whether he would be a good fit for your company. Focus on what your candidate emphasizes the most while answering this question. Is he talking about his goal or vision? Is he talking about his experience working for the same role in the previous company? What are the challenges he faced, and how did he tackle those challenges? What were his accomplishments in his earlier roles? 

2. Why did you leave your last job?

This question will help you understand whether your candidate is a quitter or a motivated individual. It will aid you in understanding whether your candidate is an optimist or a pessimist.

Focus on understanding the actual reason behind why your candidate left his last job. Is your candidate willing to learn more and grow his career? Does your candidate want to take up opportunities to lead and grow? When asked about his previous job role, is your candidate bad-mouthing his former employer or complaining about the work environment or work culture? This is one of the most important red flags that you cannot ignore. You could also ask your hiring team to conduct a check on whether your candidate was terminate on account of bad performance or bad behavior. 

3. What are your greatest weaknesses?

As the question suggests, you will understand your candidate’s weaknesses and what he is doing to overcome these weaknesses. You must understand that no individual is perfect, and there is always a chance at improvement. The underlying question here is, ‘Is your candidate motivated enough to overcome his weaknesses?’.

You must focus on learning how your candidate is trying to overcoming his challenges and solving his problems. In addition to this, you should also focus on understanding whether your candidate is hiding something. This question will help you know whether your candidate accepts his weaknesses openly and works towards making himself a better professional. 

4. Tell me about yourself

This seems to be a very generic and common interview question. But, you can learn much more about your candidate and his personality.

You can ask your candidate to walk you through his career. Tell him to speak about what he did in his previous job role and what he is looking for in the position offered by you. Ask him to tell you about the excellent skills he is proud of. You can also ask him why he is searching for a new job. 

5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This question will help you understand whether your candidate is a goal-oriented, ambitious individual or not.

Does your candidate care about his career? Is he motivated to learn and advance in his life? How are his goals – ambitious, long-term, or short-term? What steps has your candidate taken in achieving his goals?  

6. What is your dream job?

The response of most candidates today would be ‘the role you are offering me.’ Answering this question in a single line is not what you are looking for.

Ask your candidate to describe his dream job to you. Understand his job expectations and know whether you are also offering the same perks and benefits. You can again ask him what makes you job role exciting for him. 

7. What are your greatest strengths?

As the question states, you will understand your candidate’s strengths and how he is utilizing them in his career. You will also understand how his strengths can benefit your company and the services/products you offer to your clients.

You must focus on learning how your candidate’s strengths are relevant to your job role. Are his strengths helping you overcome the challenges you face in your business? In addition to this, you can ask your candidate to narrate to you an incident wherein he utilized his strengths to solve a problem. You need to understand whether your candidate is confident about his skills or merely bragging about himself. 

8. What do you know about our company?

A perfect candidate for your job role would be the one who knows about your company and understands your company’s goal and vision. 

Try to find out whether your candidate has researched about your company’s history, accomplishments, and services or products. In addition to this, you can check whether your candidate has visited your company’s social profiles. If your candidate has looked into your company, he would be in a position to talk about your company culture and work environment. 

9. Describe your ideal work environment

Just like the job role, its perks, and benefits, the work environment plays a major factor for candidates to decide about the job change. 

Try to find out what your candidate’s ideal work environment is. What are your candidate’s thoughts about your work culture? Is he okay with working from home? How good are his communication and team skills? This will help you in understanding whether the candidate is a good fit or not.

10. What prompted you to apply for this job?

Lastly, understanding why your candidate has sent in his application to you is important before hiring that candidate. It helps you understand his motive behind applying for your job. It will also help you know if he is passionate about your role.

These top 10 video interview questions can help you get started with your video interviewing process. Jobsoid offers a complete video interviewing solution for hiring managers. You can sign up for a free account to learn how Jobsoid can help you streamline your interview process.

Author Bio – Divya Bandodkar is Content Strategist at Jobsoid. In spite of hailing from an IT background, she chose to take up writing as her profession. Her passion for writing got her out from the lines of code and placed her in between the sheets of paper. Connect with her on LinkedIn.