Top 10 Benefits of QuickBooks Premier Hosting in 2022

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A renowned CPA firm owner had a problem that most of his peers also dealt with: he had more work than he can handle during business hours. The catch: he was based in Wilmington, but had clients all over the United States. 

People would come to him in person or call him to discuss their business requirements and accounting needs, and then get back to their businesses with his professional backing. Surprisingly, he had more client meetings scheduled over the day than the work hours left to get things done even when there are other professionals hired in the team. Hiring a renowned firm in the field of accounting isn’t any impulse business decision. But the queue of more business owners lined up to hire him and get the work done seemed never-ending. Clearly, the way he used to manage it all wasn’t working even though he had the best accounting software – QuickBooks Premier by his side. 

Fast-forward a year, that CPA firm’s annual revenue increased manifold along with improved efficiency. The key to its success is nothing else but QuickBooks Premier Hosting.

More about QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooks Premier is a robust QB version developed by Intuit to cater to up to five users. As a desktop accounting software, it is suitable for small businesses and has industry-specific features included in it. You can purchase a QuickBooks Premier license either from Intuit or Intuit-authorized QuickBooks Solution Providers. 

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Once you have bought the software license, you can either host it on local computers or a cloud server. Here, the latter option represents hosted QuickBooks Premier, which is highly advantageous for your business. Before you switch to QuickBooks Premier cloud in 2022, you must know the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings

When you select QuickBooks Premier cloud hosting for your business, you can benefit from accessing cloud-hosted software via the Internet. Since it is not installed on any local computer but cloud, you need not worry about investing money in the installation and maintenance of the required IT infrastructure. Otherwise, the financial load of IT infrastructure setup and hiring professionals for regular upkeep would also fall over your pocket. 

In terms of the maintenance part, cloud hosting providers like Ace Cloud Hosting have already invested in a team of cloud experts to assist you whenever you face any issues.

The more money you can save simply means more profits that can be reinvested into your business for further growth.

  1. Enhanced security

With everything being available online, the security risks have also increased to some extent. A single data breach for a business resulting in the loss of sensitive information can cause significant financial damage, which is why it is crucial to be prepared for such adversities.

To stay ahead of the cyber fraudsters at every instance, QuickBooks Premier hosting can be of great help. These cloud solutions are bundled with world-class data security measures and a team of security experts to protect your data.

  1. Remote access

In the bygone days of the pre-Internet era, working on business accounts meant keeping track of various paper-based receipts, and that too while being in the office premises. There was a clear separation between work and personal life. Today, this separation has blurred, mostly for the better as you can access various business tasks while being at home.

Particularly for accessing QuickBooks Premier remotely (from home or while on the go), you need QuickBooks Premier cloud. With cloud technology, you can access QuickBooks software in real time. This is quite beneficial if you have remote employees working for your business.

  1. 24x7x365 cloud support

Consider this example –

Mr. Jacob started using the hosted QuickBooks Premier for the first time and is not accustomed to accessing it remotely. While making accounting files late at midnight, he was stuck on a page which showed an error code, leaving him unproductive for the time being. Either he could wait till the next business hours to ask for help from in-house IT professionals or raise a support request.

Like Mr. Jacob, anyone could face such a situation. But as a solution, there is round-the-clock support provided by most QuickBooks Premier hosting providers. You can reach the support team for all your troubles via chat, email, or a call.

  1. Improved software performance

As a QuickBooks user, you expect a glitch-free experience every time you log in to your account. However, one of the many reasons for impacted software performance is the inability of the hardware to support its optimum functioning. In simple words, if your system hardware cannot handle the load of QuickBooks Premier desktop software, you are most likely to face performance lags, let alone integrate more add-ons. 

With QuickBooks Premier cloud, you can access high-performance software functioning without technical hassles. The underlying cloud server is capable of fast loading even when you need to integrate third-party add-ons for your business needs.

  1. Scalable hosting plans

Relying on a cloud solution that is easily scalable counts a lot as it helps support the high momentum of sales and orders during peak seasons. However, when it is about adding another storage device to your computer system, you cannot help but purchase an additional disk to save more QB data.

One way to streamline the IT needs for changing business requirements is to opt for a scalable QuickBooks Premier hosting plan. Doing so will be highly advantageous:

  • You can select a higher hosting plan if the peak season arrives and pay as you go.
  • There is no additional charge payable in case you switch to a hosting plan with reduced computing resources.
  1. Industry-best uptime guarantee

A lesser known fact about cloud hosting is that switching to QuickBooks hosting may not do any good unless your hosting provider assures a high uptime guarantee. If the cloud server over which your QuickBooks Premier software is hosted is not accessible, you will not benefit from cloud technology. Hence, your cloud provider must ensure a server uptime guarantee.

Most renowned QuickBooks Premier cloud providers back their service quality with an industry-best uptime guarantee as included in their SLAs. Depending on the hosting provider you hire, the uptime can go as high as 99.999%. 

  1. Business continuity

In technical terms, business continuity is considered a service quality and implies that your business can continue to operate in case of a disaster (both natural and man-made) without losing any critical data. A common instance where the need for business continuity is highly felt is the impact of a disaster on traditionally-hosted QuickBooks software that does not involve periodic backups. With a lack of backed-up data, there is no way you could recover it for business needs.

If you think regular backups for business continuity are not economically viable for your business, QuickBooks hosting services can be your best bet.

  1. Team-specific hosting plans

The moment you realize the number of team members is higher than what the hosting plan supports, you will most likely pay more to upgrade the plan. As a QuickBooks user, you might have come across hosting plans that support five users, ten users, or more in specific plans. 

What if you have seven members in your team each of whom requires QuickBooks Premier access once it is hosted on the cloud? In many cases, you have no other option but to select a ten-user plan, knowing that the actual number of users accessing the cloud will be less.

This is where renowned cloud hosting providers stand against the competition by offering pay-as-you-go hosting plans for each team member. 

  1. Environment-friendly business approach

As a business owner, you cannot avoid using paper-based receipts or accounting data unless there is an alternative solution available. Electronic data files related to a business can help your team just as much as it helps the environment. With QuickBooks Premier hosting, you can work on decreasing the carbon footprint to go lighter on mother earth.

Since multiple users can work on the same cloud-hosted QB files simultaneously, it reduces the need to get them printed for use.

Concluding thoughts

QuickBooks Premier hosting can be the much-needed business upgrade you need in 2022 to achieve various business goals. Along with understanding its benefits as defined above, it is also important for you to learn how to select a cloud hosting provider.

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