The Right Culture: The Invisible, Pervasive Force That’s Key To Cloud Success

My Post (41).jpgAs companies look to move from on-premises applications to modern cloud ones, a central but often-overlooked factor can limit the migration’s success: an outdated culture.

Companies whose decision-making is strictly hierarchical—or, at the other extreme, overly dependent on building consensus—will have a difficult time adapting to the cloud, says Beth Boettcher, Oracle senior vice president of applications consulting. Slow-moving cultures in particular can run into long, or even stalled, cloud implementations, she says.

“From the outset, company leaders need to think about how the culture of their organization must operate differently during the deployment and implementation of cloud—and thereafter,” Boettcher says. “This culture change needs to come from the top.”

Setting Goals and Letting Go

Boettcher asks company leaders considering a move to the cloud what they’re trying to accomplish. Typically, the answer is that they want to reduce complexity, reduce maintenance costs so they can free up resources for more innovative work, and improve the user experience.

But each of those ambitions must be part of a larger strategic and cultural shift, she says. Cloud applications let employees access more information and, via data analytics, more insights. But employees must be empowered to act on those insights. – Read more

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