The real business value of cloud communications platforms

Stand-alone communication tools help to connect your employees, partners, and customers. But deploying a cloud communications platform will unleash operational and productivity improvements that go far beyond the platform’s primary purpose, a recent survey of RingCentral customers found.

Benefits compounded by open API and ready integrations

Among the benefits measured in the recent RingCentral Customer Success Metrics Survey, users reported that an open API and ready integrations compounded the anticipated gains of deploying an all-in-one communications platform in some meaningful—and surprising—ways:

+47% increase in customer satisfaction

Whether it’s an out-of-the-box integration with your CRM or customer service software or a customized application, using RingCentral to streamline workflows can decrease informational silos and makes it easier for employees to meet customer needs faster and more effectively. The payoff? RingCentral users report an average 47% increase in customer satisfaction, an important driver of loyalty and retention (and new word-of-mouth referrals!).

+32% increase in employee productivity

The countless business apps workers have to use these days may make it easier to get specific tasks done, but they can also be a major time drain (earlier research shows app toggling can eat up the equivalent of 32 workdays a year for some employees, causing up to $500,000 in lost revenue). But even simple integrations can add up to big time savings and process improvements.

RingCentral customers report an average +32% increase in employee productivity (65% in the uppermost percentile), due to a reduction in app toggling (-31%), and increases in resource access (+27%) and information access (+23%). Not only can these improvements better enable employees to meet customer needs, but they also free up more of their time and energy to focus on delivering value and innovation.

+27% faster workflow deployment, +25% faster integrations

Although some other Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms support integrations, the ease and speed of deployment is often a point of differentiation. RingCentral customers report 27% faster workflow deployment and 25% faster integrations thanks to our extensive gallery of easy-to-install integrations as well as the ease of building custom integrations with our APIs and developer tools. – Read more



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