The five commandments of big data cloud migration

My Post (77).pngWith data cloud migration you can’t muscle your way in. Brute doesn’t work for moving and maintaining petabytes of data.

Brute force works for stuck lug nuts – less so for moving and maintaining petabytes of data. Joel Horwitz, SVP Marketing Strategy, WANdisco takes up the tale

The cloud is here to stay. Data cloud migration, however, is proving vexing. According to McAfee, 97% of organisations use public or private cloud services. Big data is starting to jump the on-prem/cloud gap too. IDG found that 41% of enterprises are already migrating storage/archive/backup/file servers to the cloud, and 21% plan to do so in the coming year.

These numbers are great news for cloud adoption rates and cloud big data vendors…unless you look at the cup as half-empty. Because then you see the 59% who are not migrating, or the 79% who do not plan to do so in the coming year. And you wonder, with all the benefits of housing big data near the apps that produce and consume data, why are so few enterprises jumping in head-first?

The answer, it turns out, is simple: it’s really hard. – Read more

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