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A non-profit organization might not be the same as a for-profit company, but non-profit organizations still have to cultivate strong relationships with their donors just as businesses need to develop strong relationships with paying customers.

Regardless of whether you run a large or small non-profit organization, you must make sure you build a strong network of supporters who can provide your non-profit organization with the resources it needs to carry out its mission.

In addition, many nonprofit organizations have teams that must work together to stretch a tight operating budget as far as they possibly can. For this reason, it is important to find a strong customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRM solutions can help numerous organizations, including nonprofits, manage donor relationships, protect donor data, and access the event management features they need.

At the same time, the best CRMs for nonprofits might not be the same as the best CRMs for organizations in other industries. How can you find the best nonprofit CRM software to meet your needs?

What a Nonprofit CRM Solutions Can Do

What a Nonprofit CRM Solutions Can Do

As you take a look at the different software programs available, you need to think carefully about what your CRM solution can do. Some of the ways you might want to take advantage of constituent relationship management software programs include:

1. Build Donor Relationships

The right customer relationship management program should help you build strong relationships with your supporters. For example, there should be plenty of project management features that make it easy to track donations, both offline and online.

Furthermore, the program should make it easy for you to keep track of individuals who attend your events and those who volunteer to run them. You should also take advantage of features that make it easy to let your donors and supporters know when your next event is coming up. There should be plenty of communication tools that can help you reinforce important relationships with those who support your organization. 

2. Find the Right Donor Management Features

Just as your donors support you, you need to make their lives easier as well. That is why you need to pay close attention to payment processing features. You need to raise money if you want your nonprofit organization to be successful, and that means you need to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to donate. 

Your CRM program can help you because it can automatically generate receipts and send them to your donors while thanking them for their support. Remember that, if you run a nonprofit organization, your donors may be able to deduct their donations from their taxes. They will need a receipt from your organization to be able to do so, so make sure you find a software program that can automatically send one out. These reporting features are crucial for fundraising efforts.

3. Access Automation Tools for Nonprofit Management

Do you still have a lot of tasks that you do by hand? Your time is your most valuable resource, and you must make sure you spend it wisely. If you are still handling a lot of volunteer management and member management tools by hand, you need to find a CRM program that can automate and streamline your workflows. 

For example, you need to take advantage of automation tools that can help you create strong donation pages. You probably don’t have the time or money to build a donation page by hand, but now, there are plenty of CRM programs that can help you create a donation page that is easy to follow, includes strong security features, and will automatically update you when you reach a certain milestone. 

4. Take Advantage of Multiple Communication Features

Many businesses have multiple lines of communication that make it easy for them to keep in touch with their customers and clients. Your nonprofit organization needs to do the same thing.

A few examples include:

  • You might want a CRM program that can automatically schedule emails to go out to your supporters.
  • Your CRM should automatically send your supporters a thank you note when they donate to your organization.
  • You might also want a CRM program that can schedule social media posts for you. 

Find a CRM program that will keep track of all of your interactions with your supporters and ensure you keep in touch with them. 

5. Include a Mobile Option

Many people work remotely, and that includes individuals who partner with nonprofit organizations. You might spend your day going from event to event, but you need to keep an eye on everything that is happening.

That is why you should find a CRM program that includes a mobile app. Make sure the mobile app is functional, and ensure you can stay in the loop from your mobile device regardless of where you are.

6. Integrate Well With Your Accounting Program

You might have an accounting program that you love, but accounting software is only going to work well if it has access to the right information. If you are still transferring information into the program manually, you need to find a CRM program that can automate this process for you.

Manual data entry can lead to a variety of errors that make it hard for you to keep track of your financial information. A strong CRM program should be able to integrate with your accounting software program, helping you save time, reduce the number of mistakes that are made, and keep better track of your finances. 

5 Best Nonprofit CRM Software

Clearly, there is a lot to look for if you are interested in non-profit CRM software. Here are 5 top CRM options to consider:


1. Lumaverse

Lumaverse is a nonprofit CRM platform that has a reputation for its ease of use, scalability, and versatility. This is a cloud-based CRM platform that gives you access to a myriad of tools that you can use to manage your fundraising efforts from one, centralized location. There is also an innovative crowdfunding platform that can augment your fundraising efforts.

Main Highlights

  • Strong profiles on each of your donors
  • Numerous communication and event management tools
  • Easy volunteer sign-up and scheduling tools
  • Seamless software that keeps you in touch with your supporters and volunteers

Virtuous CRM

2. Virtuous CRM

Virtuous CRM is a donor management program that helps you strengthen your relationships with your donors by providing you with automated, creative, and personalized messaging tools. You can customize your dashboard to meet your needs and ensure your staff has access to all the information they need to make quick decisions about what to do next. It is also one of the least expensive options available today.

Main Highlights

  • Keeps track of the donation history of each of your individual donors for you
  • Provides you with robust tools that can help you track attendance at each of your events
  • Includes numerous reporting features centralized on a single dashboard to help you make decisions quickly. 


3. CharityEngine

CharityEngine is a comprehensive CRM that has been designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. It can help you raise more money by strengthening your donor relationships through a variety of tools that assist donor management and guide strategic fundraising efforts. This is a platform that can process emails for larger nonprofit organizations, but also includes customizable features that can help smaller nonprofit organizations grow and scale.

Main Highlights

  • Includes email automation
  • Has multiple modules to help with event organization
  • Includes in-house payment processing for improved security

Salsa CRM

4. Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is an engagement and donor management platform that has been designed to help with campaign management, donor outreach, and fundraising strategies. With an innovative engagement platform, Salsa CRM uses machine learning and marketing automation to help you maximize the value of your resources. With predictive analytics and intelligent reporting, Salsa can help you manage your communications with your donors to maximize your fundraising.

Main Highlights

  • Includes robust donor profiles to track the history of your biggest supporters
  • Will provide suggestions for how to improve your campaigns moving forward
  • Has multi-channel advocacy features 


5. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is a complete CRM solution that has numerous integrations that can help you streamline data sharing across all of your software programs. There are customizable features that you can use to tailor your experience to meet your needs, and you also get access to one of the best client support teams in the industry when you have questions or concerns. There is also a strong reporting module that allows you to collect the information you need to build strong profiles for each of your donors. 

Main Highlights

  • Has one of the strongest support teams in the industry
  • Includes multiple non-profit CRM packages that you can customize to meet your needs.
  • Will create strong profiles of each of your donors that you can use to build strong relationships
  • Collects and presents your information in a way that is easy to interpret

Nonprofit Organizations Must Find the Right CRM for Donor Management

It is important for nonprofit organizations to find the right donor management CRM to meet their needs. This means that you need to find a CRM program that can help you with event planning, includes all the features for necessary customer support, and makes it easy for you to handle all of your contact management needs.

The right CRM program can help you with your fundraising campaigns, handle event registration, and give you access to customizable, advanced features. Consider the features provided by all CRM systems, and find the right nonprofit solutions to help you fulfill your mission. 

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