The Benefits Of Rapidly Deploying Cloud Communications

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My Post (12).pngDoes the traditional definition of “workplace” still exist? Will employees go back to the office once quarantine and lockdown rules end? Will all or some of the employees return to the office? These are some of the important questions organizations have been grappling with while they adjust to the new reality and a paradigm shift towards remote work that has happened in the last few months.

Do cloud communications only benefit traditional workplaces?

As businesses face new challenges, they’ve needed to find new ways to communicate and serve their customers, which is forcing them to ask tough questions about their current communications setup. For example, how are they currently communicating with their customers, and is it meeting their business needs? Can their organization wait multiple months to deploy software and hardware? How long will it be before the solution deployed shows return on investment (ROI)? Is moving to the cloud quickly an option?

What types of businesses benefit from cloud communications?

Today, we’re seeing businesses of all types facing these challenges and questions head-on. Here are just a few of the business use cases we’re seeing benefit from rapidly deploying their cloud communications services:

  • Work-from-home (WFH) businesses where employees use their computers for a softphone (no hard-phones needed)
  • Mobile workforce/cell phone-only users of large organizations who aren’t tied to a desk
  • Businesses where a secondary phone number is needed to mask the primary phone number (food and goods delivery)
  • Professions with a temporary or semi-permanent need for telephony (artists, construction)
  • Leveraging RingCentral Office as a low-touch contact center using basic call flows (retail stores)

What should you look for when deploying a cloud communications solution?

In today’s world, deploying cloud communication services that eliminate communication barriers is not only imperative but also financially beneficial. A properly implemented unified communications solution brings ROI in a variety of ways—two of the most important being reduced costs and increased revenue. With cloud communications, an organization has visibility into its communications costs with the ability to avoid surcharge surprises, allowing for better forecasting. Being able to bundle message, video, and phone services through one vendor brings additional cost savings. The added advantage of being able to integrate message, video, and phone with CRM and internal systems enhances an organization’s ability to improve customer experiences, connect on a deeper level with their customers, and increase revenue. – Read more

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Table of Contents