The Benefits of Cloud for Remote Working

The implementation of the Government’s ‘Plan B’ to cope with the spread of the omicron variant means that businesses are, once again, having to ask employees to work from home. As we don’t know how long this will last or whether it might happen again, companies need a solution that will quickly enable them to switch seamlessly between on-site and remote working. Here we explain why the cloud is the best solution and the benefits of using it for remote working.

Why cloud is the best solution

Quite simply, when you run applications in the cloud, they are available online. This means that employees can access business systems, software, files, data and communications from wherever they have an internet connection – in the office or at home. Here are the main benefits of using the cloud for remote working.

1. Work from anywhere at any time

Cloud doesn’t just enable people to work from home, it enables anyone within your organisation to work from anywhere with an internet connection. While the current requirement to work from home might be the main priority at present, further down the line, it opens up new opportunities. Businesses can recruit staff who live further afield, they can offer more flexible working conditions and employees on the road, such as sales teams, can access systems where ever they are. What’s more, in the cloud, applications can run 24/7, enabling greater access and flexibility.

2. Staying productive

One potential downside of remote working is that it can be hard to make business decisions because not being in the office makes it difficult to arrive at a consensus. The benefit of the cloud is that its built-in connectivity enables teams to access the resources they need to make those decisions. Data is available in real-time, accessible by all who need it and discussions can take place using a growing range of online communications channels, including video conferencing. This enables people to make consensual decisions and keeps the business productive.  – Read More

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