Must-have tech tools for remote working

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Shifting the routine
Human beings are creatures of habit. Our daily routines make us feel comfortable – be it our commute to work, exercise class or local lunch spot.

With many of us adjusting to home working, it can be difficult to keep a sense of normality when we break our usual routine. Yet, we are living in a digital era, where it is possible to do almost anything online from anywhere in the world. So, we have put together a list of our must-have tech tools to help you maintain productivity (and routine!) whilst working remotely.

Team messaging
With 12 million daily users, Slack is one of the most popular professional messaging programs for internal communications. Founded in 2013, this real-time communication platform sits somewhere in between instant messaging and email – so it’s very well suited to remote working.

The app supports private messaging, as well as team and topic channels for different departments. You can also catch up on previous messages, unlike other instant messaging tools that mimick face-to-face video chats and do not keep a record of previous chats. Slack allows you to send files, flag messages and pin documents for quick reference, cutting down on the need for numerous internal emails.

When working from home, you can sometimes feel somewhat isolated from the rest of your team. Slack provides a hub for workers to gather and communicate. At Hyve, we’ve even got creative and started hosting remote crossword and quiz challenges in our team-building channel!

Video conferencing 
Face-to-face interaction is essential for building relationships, especially if you are working from home for a long period of time. Video conferencing has become a standard form of communication in many businesses over the past few years – even the Prime Minister has started using it!

Video conferencing platform, Zoom, combines HD video with features such as screen-sharing and local recording, as well as the option to host webinars and larger team meetings. An easily accessible app, Zoom only needs one person to download the program, as when the host sets up the meeting, everyone else is able to join just from a link.

The record option is also particularly useful for home-workers to be able to re-watch/listen to meetings later down the line – for example, if it was a sales pitch, this feature could be useful once back in the office with the decision-makers.

Project management
Working on multiple projects involving many members of the team can get confusing – especially when you are not physically in the office together. Tools such as Asana are great for tracking the progress of projects and to-do-lists in real-time dashboards.

You can assign tasks to yourself or other members of the team, update on the status of the project, and set deadlines. Once tasks have been closed you are able to move the tabs into a ‘completed list’ – try it, it’s oddly satisfying. – Read More

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What is Remote Desktop?

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Working remotely
As all the normal rules for business no longer stand in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, working remotely has become a lifeline for UK companies.

But how can users securely access their work files and data from their home PCs whilst working remotely?

What is a Remote Desktop?
Remote Desktop is essentially a virtual office environment which allows users to access their files, data and applications from any device, anywhere in the world.

Users can connect to their office PC remotely in a simple and secure way and interact with their workplace PC as if they were using it locally. Remote Desktops are charged on a monthly basis for the number of virtual desktops that are required.

Hyve’s Remote Desktop solution
With increasing numbers of people trying to access their office PCs during the working day, connecting to a remote solution through a normal office network could cause performance problems. As office networks are not designed for hundreds of users trying to connect from outside, the network wouldn’t be able to cope with the number of connections and could fail under the pressure.

Hyve’s Remote Desktop solution provides users with a cloud-hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), where all desktop systems are hosted on a high-performance cloud platform in a secure data centre, instead of running it from the office location.

With Remote Desktop, the office server is essentially moved into Hyve’s cloud infrastructure, providing far better performance, flexibility and security. Users connect to the Remote Desktop solution from their home with every user having an individual network in the cloud.  – Read more

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