Tackling the UK’s productivity with the right cloud solutions

My Post - 2019-07-23T184800.952.pngThe proliferation of vast swathes of data offers a treasure trove of information for organisations looking to uncover previously unidentified business insights, and regular software updates to cloud infrastructure are taken care of by its suppliers


The UK is in the midst of a productivity crisis. Despite relatively high employment levels, worker output has not correlated with this positive trend. There may be a high proportion of the UK population in work, but they are not producing as much as they could be.

The productivity gap is a key concern for public and private sector organisations. It is a complex issue, but one which innovative technology can help address through the collaboration and remote working opportunities offered by cloud technology.

We have seen increasing rates of cloud adoption in the UK – and this has gone hand in hand with a greater understanding of what the cloud is.

Increasingly, organisations have come to understand the cloud as a delivery model through which users connect to their data, documents and information online. By using cloud technology and cloud-enabled productivity platforms, such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, workers can collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Taken together, these two developments can have a significant impact on productivity. Rather than having to work through several iterations of separate documents, with each individually amended, saved on to a central server system and then emailed to a new recipient, the cloud allows for real-time collaboration that speeds up working processes. This saves time and money by allowing employees to work on the same document with their colleagues.

Working remotely also brings significant productivity benefits. For example, being unable to make it into the office no longer means being restricted from accessing documents stored on a central server. Using cloud technology, collaborative documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. – Read more

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