Squarespace vs Shopify— Showdown!

Shopify and Squarespace. Two of the biggest names in website building. This is my in-depth comparison.

Squarespace is about beautiful websites. Shopify is about providing a full back office for stores— online and offline.

Squarespace has a better page editor— it has more elements and is easier to use. Shopify has a WYSWIYG editor that is pretty limiting.

Shopify has more powerful ecommerce than Squarespace. This isn’t necesarilly a knock on Squarespace— instead it just reflects the priorities of each website builder. Squarespace is for building all kinds of websites and Shopify is just for building ecommerce websites. This means that Shopify is able to focus more specifically on ecommerce and launch innovative features like Shopify payments (their own payment processor) and an app store.

Both Squarespace and Shopify have excellent templates. Squarespace has 70ish themes that they provide. Shopify provides 10 themes or you can choose a theme from one of the many 3rd party Shopify theme developers. Squarespace has better theme customization.

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