Software as a Service Poised to Transform Manufacturing Operations

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When it comes to software, manufacturers generally aren’t thought of as early adopters. When you’re on a tight schedule with slim margins and are still using an age-old system that works, why bother changing the process?

Put simply, because the decades-old, on-premise systems that many manufacturers have been using since the 1990s are actually costing them time and money, making it harder to turn out a quality product with the same level of reliability and competitive pricing as before.

The Rise of Software as a Service

The solution comes in the form of software as a service (SaaS). When you compare SaaS to an on-premise solution, the advantages are clear: No initial infrastructure costs or maintenance, and short implementation times. Plus, the “pay-as-you-go” business model makes these programs very attractive for many areas of business, including human resources, sales, and accounting.

While the requirements for operating a SaaS program in a manufacturing environment are far greater than those of traditional setups, 24/7 uptime reliability and real-time updates can offer serious benefits.

So why are manufacturers adopting SaaS at this point in time to solve their manufacturing operations problems? The main reason is simple: The technology got better and cheaper. SaaS applications have leveraged advancements in cloud technology to scale rapidly over the last few years. – Read More


Table of Contents