Software and SaaS Marketing Best Practices

My Post (70).pngSoftware and Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing is, not surprisingly, garnering more attention as spending on SaaS continues to rise across companies of all sizes. In fact, Blissfully notes in its 2019 Annual SaaS Trends Report that the average company spend on SaaS in 2018 rose 78% over the previous year. They also report that companies saw nearly 40% of their SaaS stack change last year.

Fueling this volatility in organizations’ SaaS stacks are a wider variety of SaaS options to choose from and the fact that decision making on which tools to use is increasingly becoming decentralized to individual departments. Given this dual environment of opportunity and volatility, software and SaaS companies that want to gain more customers and keep the ones they already have need to make sure their marketing machine is hitting on all cylinders.

In this post, we look at four factors and best practices in software and SaaS marketing that help companies and solutions rise above the rest.

1. Define and commit to your content strategy

As prospects evaluate SaaS alternatives, they seek out answers and information to guide to the right destination. An effective content strategy creates a framework where you can, and do, provide these answers at every step of their buyer journey, from awareness to consideration to decision. It’s easy for organizations to say “we can’t create all the content we need” or to not maintain a steady cadence of new content, but successful SaaS companies make content a priority. When you’re not there with answers and information as prospects seek them out, it’s likely that a competitor will be.

Although we note the buyer journey stages of awareness, consideration and decision above, it’s also important to recognize the post-purchase role that your content strategy plays in retaining customers. Use newsletters, blog posts, knowledge bases, webinars, videos and other content to share success stories, offer usage tips and tricks and to highlight new or forthcoming features of your SaaS offering that will benefit them. Your goal is to reinforce their trust in your solution and to build champions of your brand. – Read more

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