SEO Basics for SaaS Companies

My Post (92).pngAs technologies and consumer needs advance and new players constantly enter the game, SaaS companies providing FaaS or cloud functions supporting business infrastructures are facing a more competitive market.

SEO is among the plenty of important marketing channels for modern-day businesses. It is essential in helping users discover new solutions to their existing problems.

This is done by understanding the various stages of the user “funnel”, and how you can engage with them at the various stages and introduce them to your solution.

Generating Brand Awareness & Leads

For a lot of SaaS and FaaS websites, the audience can vary greatly.

At one end of the spectrum, you will highly technical users who could be looking to decompose their monolithic structure and make use of microservices, or users who have a specific problem such as service uptime, and need a solution to remain stable. – Read more