SaaS Products: How To Get Your First Users

My Post - 2019-04-24T115210.967.jpgProducts, platforms and apps: Moving to the cloud and providing a centralized service for your company is increasingly the way to go for many entrepreneurs.

Clients and customers don’t need to worry about maintaining infrastructure, handling updates or training staff on setup and maintenance. It should be an easy sell, but with so much existing SaaS competition, how can your business get those all-important first users? Here’s what I’ve learned.

Engage Communities Of Beta Users

It should come as no surprise that with a globally connected internet, there’s a community for everything. This includes communities of users dedicated to watching new startups and new product launches. Sites like Betalist, Launch Feed, UserTesting and even some Reddit subs are all good places to engage early in your product launch.

These communities help to attract your first handful of users, who can offer valuable feedback for improving your offering before an open launch. They’re generally composed of experienced beta users who know what to look for and what to critique. They often have an interest in getting in on the ground floor of new products and trends. Many of these users can go on to become brand advocates, and some may even be interested in working for your company.

Set An Accessible Price

Pricing is important for any business, but it’s crucial for a startup. Free trials, especially generous free trials, help reduce the friction of signing up to test out a service in a way the traditional demos of the past never could. If the user chooses to become a paid customer later, make it a seamless process with no reinstallation, no authentication and no data migration required.

A limited free plan is also often a good idea. Two kinds of people use free plans: the ones who were never going to buy it in the first place, and the ones who will be more than willing to pay when their needs meet your limits. You lose nothing by maintaining free offerings. Plus, the more value you pack into your free offerings, the more users will be willing to pay for the premium service. – Read more