Reach Digital Transformation Goals With SaaS

My Post701.jpgDigital transformation has revolutionized the way people consume content, share information, connect interpersonally, buy products, store data, run businesses and more.

To say the world is not the same prior to these changes is an understatement; the world is more connected and productive than ever before.

In the last 10 years, consumers have come to expect high mobile usability from all products and services. Meanwhile, social media and messenger apps have changed the way we connect, both personally and professionally.

However, whether they are slow to adopt mobile-first enterprise technologies or failing to engage audiences (employees, customers, prospects, partners and talent), only 21% of companies believe they’ve reached their digital transformation goals.

Consequently, technology-focused business leaders are purchasing cloud-based shadow IT in even slow-to-transform companies. In fact, over 50% of software as a service is bought within individual business units (BUs) without the oversight of IT. While business units are quick to adopt hot new applications, IT still struggles to discover, manage and integrate these SaaS purchases.

Regardless Of An Organization’s Digital Sophistication, SaaS Is The Next Step Toward Innovation Read More

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