QuickBooks Hosting FAQ: Answering Your Questions

My Post (4).pngDo you want to learn more about QuickBooks hosting?

You can head straight to Google for the answer, but you’ll be bombarded with conflicting opinions and ads that won’t help much.

In this blog, we’ll answer ten frequently asked questions about QuickBooks Hosting to make your life easier.

FAQ#1: What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks hosting refers to the configuration and setup of the desktop version of the QuickBooks software on cloud servers.

The files are hosted over the secure servers, which enable authorized users to access data easily through the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Using QuickBooks hosting solutions, businesses can maintain a collaborative hub to facilitate efficient business operations.

FAQ#2: What are the main benefits of QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks hosting comes with a wide range of benefits for businesses, especially SMEs who want to manage their accounting and financial operations effectively.

For starters, it eliminates the need for investing thousands of dollars in developing and maintaining costly IT infrastructure as the system runs on the cloud.

Moreover, QuickBooks hosting also saves thousands of dollars in salaries as the service provider takes care of maintenance and regular upgrades.

In addition to that, it provides excellent security along with data protection and backup option, which ensure the safety of a company’s confidential and private information.

Top QuickBooks hosting providers offer 24/7 customer service to troubleshoot any sort of problem and ensure more than 99.99% uptime.

The intuit software also offers compatibility and integration with other applications. It’s an extremely flexible and scalable option for SMEs.


FAQ#3: How Does QuickBooks hosting work?

The hosting provider starts by installing the server in the system using a licensed copy of QuickBooks software.

The business (end-user) is provided access to the server (hosting provider) over the internet using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The server is customized to be accessed from different devices—like PC, laptop, and smartphones—and different platforms such as macOS, Windows, iOS, etc.

FAQ#4: Why shouldn’t I stick to traditional QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is useful software, but it has limited functionality when compared to QuickBooks hosting. The common limitations of Desktop version include:

  • No Remote Access
  • No automated updates
  • No real-time team collaboration
  • Limited user access

Moreover, the on-site servers require costly investment and maintenance, which reduces profitability and prevents businesses from achieving their full potential. – Read more

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