QuickBooks Dedicated Server: Why You Need It

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When QuickBooks was first rolled out into the market, it greatly affected the accounting industry’s dynamics and brought an operational revolution. It allowed firms to be more productive and significantly enhanced their accounting capabilities. Few years on, it got further boosted when cloud accounting was born.

Hosting your QB solution on the cloud offers multiple benefits like remote accessibility, premium security features, business continuity plans, and reliable data safety. However, hosting your QB on the public cloud is different from a dedicated server and results in substantial differences during the cloud accounting experience.

A public cloud is shared by different users with different business needs – something which can affect your QB performance. Whereas a dedicated cloud server is privately managed under a sole organization or individual’s control.

Here are the top five reasons why a QuickBooks dedicated server might be the right choice for your business.

  1. Better Security

According to Gartner, 95% of cloud breaches often occur due to human errors. Substandard security configurations, faulty server layout, and insufficient technical expertise are human-caused issues that compromise server security and make it vulnerable to hacking attempts. Such risk factors become further magnified when you are using a public cloud.

Hosting your QuickBooks on a dedicated cloud server provides you a hassle-free solution and better security for your QB data. Since multiple users can access the public cloud and lead to more significant variations in the server database’s security standards, private hosting allows you to solely control your cloud’s access range. This way, you can limit the data visibility as per the employee role and keep the overall control under your organization’s administration.

Also, QuickBooks dedicated server offers enhanced security in terms of antimalware/antivirus solutions, encrypted data transfer, and high-grade firewalls.

  1. Improved Cost Efficiency

There are various factors like customer management, lead generation, operational cost, etc., that can affect your business’s overall performance and determine its growth. Out of these, the fiscal expenditure involved in the operational costs plays a vital role in determining your business’s growth.

QuickBooks dedicated server improves your firm’s cost-efficiency and enhances its productivity as well. Since setting an in-house server needs a considerable investment for the necessary hardware and software requirements, a dedicated QuickBooks cloud server helps you mitigate the costs involved. When you opt for a QB dedicated server, all the IT-related costs are borne by your service provider. From the setup to its maintenance, everything falls under their service belt. This way, you can avoid those worrisome costs and focus on your business objectives.

  1. Personalized Cloud Control

Imagine sharing a living space, only to have the roommates trespassing on your privacy now and then. Quite bothersome. Add conflicting daily work-life schedules and daily routine differences, and you can slowly see yourself regretting the decision of living in a shared space in the first place. Similarly, when you are using a public cloud, you lack the privacy and control that comes up with a dedicated server. It limits the flexibility of your organization and restricts your QuickBooks usage.

However, hosting QuickBooks dedicated server gives you the various benefits and complete control over the whole setup and lets you use your QB without any restrictions. You can easily access the root hardware and software configurations and personalize the cloud accordingly – something that is not possible while using a public cloud. This way, you can avoid other users’ decisions affecting your business performance and get the best out of QB hosting. Since you will be controlling the access, you enjoy better data privacy as well.

  1. Enhanced Performance

Sharing a public cloud is like running a relay race together. While an overall team can make you win, the same could also be the reason for defeat. When using a public cloud, you have to share the server’s RAM and CPU resources with fellow users. This can lead to their server usage significantly affecting your QB performance and ultimately hampering your business performance.

Moving to a dedicated QB server provides the necessary stability and reliability for your business and enhances your server performance. Since it will be only you who will be using the server, you can stop worrying about other users’ traffic weighing down your server resources. You can effectively handle your business traffic, monitor server usage, and have free rein over your resources. Also, as most server providers employ high-performance computing channels and multi-network connections, you further get an enhanced end-user experience while using QB on a dedicated server.

  1. Freedom to Customize

How often has it happened that you wanted to customize something to your taste, but others’ opinions obstructed it? Choosing a public cloud for hosting your QB puts you in the same boat and takes away your customization freedom. Your hosting environment is limited to a generalized user requirement based on common client needs. It lacks the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements and fails to offer the desired customization.

However, when you move to a dedicated cloud server, you can easily customize the hosting environment as per your needs. Since you are the one with total control, you can scale up/down as per your requirements and make the most out of it. You neither have to share your resources nor let other users’ usages affect your performance. Also, you can integrate as many add ons you need and enhance your QB experience.


Improved security measures, enhanced server performance, greater freedom over customization, and a personalized cloud environment are some of the features one gets while using a dedicated server for their QuickBooks. Offering the same functionalities as in the primary cloud usage further boosts your QB operations and lets you get the most out of your accounting experience.

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