One App To Rule Them All


If you spend a lot of time reading online and love making notes and highlights on your kindle, you’ll love readwise. Really simple idea beautifully executed. The app saves your highlights and then resurfaces them for you each day or week. Until I discovered readwise I rarely revisited my old highlights. It makes a dramatic difference to retaining what you’ve learned. Oh and you can also export the highlights into your favourite note taking apps like evernote and roam. 👏


Do you use lots of different messaging apps? Telegram, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger? You can now save time by using a single app to manage all your accounts in one place with 💻 They can even handle instagram and twitter DMs as well as Slack!


Google is replacing its super popular analytics platform in 2023, and won’t be allowing users to take their data with them into its replacement GA4. Is this the time to make a clean break from google analytics and try something new? Heap is a one such analytics platform looking to support the exodus. 📊

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