No more messages missing in action

My Post - 2020-02-24T183324.616.pngHave you ever had the experience of a colleague asking you, “Did you get my message?” and your immediate panicked thought being, ´No, and which platform did they post it on?’.

I know I have, but since starting at eloomi, I haven’t had this as we extensively Microsoft Teams, especially the team-specific channels which are complete with emojis, memes and a baby Yoda.


Remarkably, by July 2019, Microsoft Teams had accumulated 13 million Daily Active Users (DAU) since launching and included in the DAU is 91 of the Fortune 100 companies. Microsoft Teams is increasingly being developed to be at the centre of the Microsoft Office 365 experience.


The way forward is clear

With many businesses having rolled out Microsoft Office 365, and the suite of applications, including Microsoft Teams, are having a positive impact on businesses. The challenge is that not all employees are familiar with these new applications, like OneNote and SharePoint, and therefore they’re not able to realise these benefits.

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