Next-gen firewalls are here to protect the cloud

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It is important to choose the right cloud service provider to get the best network protection.

Firewalls are vital in protecting networks. They are an essential part of computer systems intended to prevent the unauthorized flow of data while permitting connections deemed safe or acceptable.

The term is unmistakably derived from the brick and mortar firewalls that are designed to prevent or reduce the proliferation of fire. In the age of computers and the internet, the term firewall means something way more sophisticated than a fireproof wall or partition. In the age of cloud computing, the digital firewall has also been upgraded so that it is now proverbially taller to protect the cloud.

Next-generation firewalls are expected to be significantly improved so that they can address threats that are aimed at cloud infrastructure. Companies specializing in cloud services like Aviatrix need to upgrade their defenses to cope with the ever-evolving cyber threats. Otherwise, they cannot assure customers of adequate protection, as malicious software and persistent network attacks continue to grow.

Virtual private cloud and transit VPC 

One of the best ways to secure cloud assets is the establishment of virtual private clouds. In this kind of setup, customers can set up a logically isolated section of their cloud environment wherein they can initiate and use resources in a virtual network they can custom define. This means that they maintain full control over the networking environment including the choice of IP address, route table, and gateway setup, as well as subnet creation. – Read more

Table of Contents