Moving to the cloud? Here are some factors to consider

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BUSINESSES are moving to the cloud, and the trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

According to IDC, public cloud infrastructure quarterly revenue has more than doubled in the past three years to US$9.0 billion in 1Q18, growing 55.8 percent year over year.

Private cloud revenue reached US$3.9 billion for an annual increase of 26.5 percent.

The combined public and private cloud revenues now represent 46.1 percent of the total worldwide IT infrastructure spending, up from 41.8 percent a year ago.

Given how this infrastructure is as crucial to companies to deliver the services, as it was in the data center, ability to explore the different cloud networks to identify various choke points and issues with routing in advance will immensely help in making informed network investment decisions and subsequently, determining its configurations.

To ensure a successful migration to the cloud as well as sustained efficient operations, these are the several things that organizations need to consider before deploying;

#1 | Network’s baseline performance

In order to get a baseline measurement of network performance, organizations need to pick a different set of data points than they previously used.

Upon moving to IaaS, SaaS, or virtually any cloud services, companies will be at the mercy of cloud vendors and other third-party service providers on which applications and services traffic will be transmitted. – Read more

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