3 Brilliant Marketing Automation Software Tools to Engage Your Audience

Marketing Automation

With marketing being such an important part of every business, it’s key to make sure that the time you invest into the process is error-free and produces results.

Part of the problem for your marketers is the amount of time they find themselves spending doing repetitive tasks and basic admin, not to mention how easy it is for something to fall through the cracks with the myriad tasks there are to complete.

A modern-day solution for this issue is to invest in a great marketing automation software tool for your business.

By using the latest in technological advancements, businesses can automate and optimize parts of their business to keep up with the shifting landscape of online marketing, while saving their marketers time so they can focus on creating more effective marketing content and strategies, rather than repetitive and mundane tasks.

In this post, we’ll be looking at a selection of amazing marketing automation software solutions designed to provide your business with a comprehensive means of optimizing and automating your marketing process across platforms and communication channels.

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3 Fantastic Marketing Automation Software Tools to Maximize Your Audience

As always, our recommendations for marketing automation software in this post have been based on the ratings and reviews made by our community of real-world users on Serchen, so you can trust that these products perform in real-life situations.


If you’re looking for an marketing automation campaign tool, then look no further than eTrigue. Designed to be cost-effective, to integrate with third-party software, and to quickly get your inbound and outbound marketing out into the world, eTrigue brings you business a selection of great marketing automation features without needing a tech expert to understand how to use it.

eTrigue lets users quickly and easily build campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop workflow tool, meaning you can construct and launch your campaign in just a few minutes! With real-time results updated in a live view, you can see how effective your campaigns are and compare them against your KPIs.

eTrigue also allows users to divide their prospects into segments for better campaign targeting. By defining your target segments, buyer personas and accounts, you can create more effective marketing campaigns in the campaign builder to automate from dynamic lists that automatically update when you generate new leads.

Plus, with a great email generator tool, you’ll have all the tools you need to create beautiful, professional-looking and responsive emails to keep your prospects engaged and in the know about your brand and products. With a selection of professional templates to customize and built-in image editing tools, creating your email content is both quick and simple, and the results are impressive.

You’ll also have all the tools you need to make dedicated landing pages for your email campaigns in minutes, with the option to customize where the pages redirect to and how long they last. eTrigue also comes with a built-in form builder so you can quickly add custom forms to your website for your leads to self-generate by adding themselves to your email listings.

And with all the reporting tools you need to measure and analyze the success of your campaigns, you can hone your marketing process based on the success of your previous campaigns, and see how your current campaigns are performing through real-time tracking.

3 Fantastic Marketing Automation Software Tools to Maximize Your Audience
Source: eTrigue

Highlight Features:

Campaign builder — construct your campaigns quickly and easily using the eTrigue DemandCenter drag and drop builder, selecting from triggers and responses to build your entire automated campaign in minutes

Prospect segmentation — split your customer base into segments, personas and profile types in order to better target them with your marketing campaigns, with auto-updating lists that add new leads when they enter your marketing system

Email generator — create beautiful and professional emails for your campaign that are responsive and keep engagement high by using the drag and drop builder included with DemandCenter, as well as the customizable email template, template images and image editing tools

Landing page builder — build dedicated landing pages for your email campaigns in minutes, with scheduled live times and expiry dates, as well as custom redirection tools

Form builder — let your prospects self-identify themselves by embedding professional forms from the drag and drop form builder included with DemandCenter to automate your email campaign lists.

Source: eTrigue

What our community says about eTrigue:

Bob — eTrigue Marketing is a great automated marketing tool doing everything you need in a competitive marketplace through defining your customers, building and executing a campaign, as well as, analyzing your performance.

Jerry — “eTrigue is a multi-faceted company that offers solutions to a wide range of topics: Accounting, Website hosting, Project Management, Marketing, etc… while not yet rated, this company appears to be on the edge of great success, and I recommend people investigate their opportunities.”


Price From: $9 per month

If you’re looking for a great platform to manage your customer experiences, then ActiveCampaign should be high on your list. With the ability to manage your email marketing, marketing automation, and customer relations via CRM, you can create and implement your entire customer experience strategy using just ActiveCampaign.

For this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation features, but from as little as $9 a month readers should be aware that subscribers to ActiveCampaign also have access to email marketing and CRM features.

At its core, ActiveCampaign helps you automate your marketing efforts through the use of easy-to-build workflows where users can specify the triggers their customers activate, and then the automated response ActiveCampaign responds with.

What sets ActiveCampaign apart is the ability to integrate not only your email but other apps with your marketing automation process, meaning that triggers can come from offline and digital channels such as social media, live chat, landing pages, SMS messages and more.

Another core feature is the separation of your customers into segmentations based on their responses to your marketing and their buyer behavior. This means you can target these segments with personalized messages to improve your engagement rate and make your automated campaigns more effective.

However, ActiveCampaign’s trick is to use these features as the core building blocks for your marketing automation, not as the final product.

By giving you the ability to view all your automations on one map, you can see how your automation campaigns link and where new opportunities to address segments of your audience lie, as well as reporting on which of your automations are the most effective.

Plus with automation goals, you can let your leads qualify themselves by having ActiveCampaign note when they perform key behaviors, allowing you to target the prospects completing the most goals.  

By tracking your prospects’ buying behaviors and responses to your marketing, you can begin to send bulk emails that automatically tailor to your prospects depending on their segmentation. By having multiple personalized versions of one email, you can boost your engagement and sales with your consumers.

Source: ActiveCampaign

Highlight Features:

Automation builder — quickly and easily create custom automation workflows with integration into your other software. Use data pulled from your offline software and social media, live chat, landing pages, SMS messages and other integrations to trigger your automated responses within ActiveCampaign

Automation Map — See your complete automation strategy on one page with an automation map. See where your automations connect to one another and where you still have opportunities to engage segments of your audience or buyer behaviors you’re yet to market to

Automation goals — create goals in ActiveCampaign that when your prospects complete, trigger a response. Create buyer pipelines, goal conversion rates and automation campaigns to target these segments, and let ActiveCampaign qualify your leads based on their buyer behavior

Dynamic content — create dynamic email campaigns that customize themselves based on your contacts’ persona and custom fields. Swap images, copy and CTAs dependent on your prospects’ past behavior and geographic location to ensure they’re engaged with personalized content

Event tracking — keep track of your buyer behaviors, no matter how small, and use their engagement levels as triggers for automation campaigns. Award scores based on your prospects’ behaviors and identify your hottest leads with the best chance of conversion to target

Facebook custom audiences — integrate Facebook Ads to ensure you’re reaching the right prospects. Let your data from other channels and prospect information/behavior automatically update your Facebook advertising efforts to ensure you’re targeting the right people with the right content.

Source: ActiveCampaign

What our community says about ActiveCampaign:

Riccardo — “As a professional software developer I always appreciate being able to customize something with code, but ActiveCampaign took this a giant step forward with their visual editor. One of the best UIs ever! By combining Automations, contact tagging, and a bit of creativity, there’s really very little you can’t do.

Dianne — This product is really nice for they offer lower prices than others with interesting marketing technology and they have personalized training too. The free oneonone training sessions helped me a lot. And don’t forget the weekly group webinars.

Chris — “The customizable email templates have been great for my company. They really add an extra spark to my business and provide that “wow” factor when sending out emails to potential customers.”


Price From: $40 per month

Net-Results is a marketing automation platform that puts the focus on generating quality leads and segmenting them to convert with personalized marketing.

By using a lead scoring system, Net-Results allows you to save time and maximize sales by only focusing on the prospects that fit your ideal customer profiles. Combine this with marketing automation workflows and you’ll have the basis for a fantastic marketing automation system.

By using the drag and drop email builder to construct emails with dynamic content, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively reach your segments with the most potent personalized message, and with Outlook and Gmail plugins, you can sync all of your marketing with your favorite email software.

You can also customize your landing pages with a drag and drop builder and a form builder with progressive profiling, allowing your leads to self-qualify and add themselves to your segment lists.

And with a host of reporting tools to help you understand your data, you’ll quickly be able to see where your success and failures are, and hone your marketing automation process to improve your engagement and conversion rates.

Source: Net-Results

Highlight Features:

Automation workflows —quickly and easily create automated workflows with limitless triggers able to automate actions, alerts, campaigns and more

Lead scoring and segmentation — split your prospects into the segmentations that reflect their buyer personas and score them according to their viability as a customer so you can easily see how likely a lead is to convert and personalize your marketing content to them

Email builder —use Net-Results’ drag and drop email builder to quickly and easily create professional-looking emails with dynamic content to target your different prospect segments

Landing page and form builder — help your leads self-qualify by creating customized landing pages and web forms using the drag and drop creators included with Net-Results, so your leads can automatically add themselves to your marketing stream

Reporting — get data-driven insights into how your marketing campaigns are doing and where you can improve with detailed real-time reporting

Integration — bring Net-Results into your current software stack by integrating it with your commonly used programs, such as Outlook, Gmail, your eCommerce platform, your CRM, and more.

Source: Net-Results

What our community says about Net-Results:

Jenn — “Net-Results works exactly how it says it does. Easily create automated marketing campaigns and get results in virtually real-time. Everything is self-explanatory, the process, the reporting, but the extremely helpful support staff is available to help you should ever need it. I love the email notifications and reports!”

Nina — “Net-Results is the place to go for marketing automation software. They are great at support and so easy to use as I mentioned. The CRM integrations and the Email Builder makes sending bulk emails to both prospective and current customers seamless.”

Ken — Net-Results is my company’s 3rd MA platform and it is by far the best. They focus on ease of use and great support, which is a necessity given how complex MA can be. We have a small Marketing department and previous MA platforms created more work than they actually saved, so we were worried at first. But the software makes it easy to do lead scoring, nurture campaigns, automatic email responses, instant alerts when someone visits the site, weekly reports showing lead activity, and integrating with SalesForce. My goal was to create as little extra work for my Sales team, too, and that was the case.”

Using Software to Help Automate Your Marketing Process

In today’s marketing environment, it’s impossible to reach your audience and prospects without some form of marketing automation; there’s just too much to be done.

But not all automation is created equal, and being smart about how you spend your time is key to getting the most out of your process.

Using the marketing automation software tools we’re looked at in this list, marketers are encouraged to work smarter by looking at the big picture and identifying their prospect segments and creating comprehensive marketing workflows that bring personalized content to their leads to keep them engaged and more likely to convert.