Managing courses and schedules with for students

As students, planning and organization is a top priority. Balancing courses and their demands alongside your personal life and extracurriculars is no easy task.

Regardless of your year of study, our basic student workflow guide will help you get started as a student user and give you the tools you need to power up your studies (and stay sane!). This workflow will become the student planner you’ve always dreamed of.

Set up the high-level class schedule

As a student, you’re always juggling multiple courses at any given time. A high-level Class Schedule board will help you track all of them in one place, stay organized and monitor your course grades. Here’s how to build a class schedule maker yourself:

Essential columns on this board

Columns allow you to store and organize essential pieces of information that you’d like to make accessible at all times. This will help you stay on top of your work as the pressure piles up. You can add any of the following columns to your board:

  • People column – Add classmates to each class to know who you will be collaborating with on assignments and in study groups.
  • Status column – Easily identify what day of the week each class falls on.
  • Hour column – Keep track of the start and end times of each class.
  • The Text Column – Keep track of the room number of each class, the professor, or any other useful notes about the course.
  • The Numbers Column – To track the amount of credits you are taking to ensure that you’re meeting credit requirements.

Now you have your foundational, college schedule maker board set up. Follow us as we dive deeper! – Read more

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