Mailchimp and Salesforce Integration

If you use Mailchimp and Salesforce together to manage your leads, keeping them in sync is vital. But that shouldn’t come at the cost of your precious time and effort. Have do that grunt work for you.

It is a simple tool that connects your favorite web apps and automates your tedious manual work so you can spend your time working on things that matter to you.

You will see the ‘Add Accounts’ screen. Here you will connect your Salesforce & Mailchimp accounts to Now, let’s enter our account credentials. We always keep your data secure with bank-level encryption. Alright! Our apps are connected. Now, let’s build this automation, also called a Bot.

First, let’s focus on Mailchimp. It is our trigger app, which starts our Bot. This Bot triggers every time there is a new subscriber in our Mailchimp account. By the way, Mailchimp has a lot more triggers that can come in handy for other use cases.

Now, let’s move to Salesforce. It’s the action app that performs our desired action. In this case, we want to create a lead on Salesforce for every new Mailchimp subscriber. However, you can modify this Bot and save each new Mailchimp subscriber as a contact instead, on Salesforce. And just like Mailchimp, there are a bunch of other actions in Salesforce that can come in handy for other use cases.

This template also comes with standard contact fields that are already mapped for you. But you can override it and make any changes you want. You can map more details to Salesforce by taking the help of these additional fields.

We’ve now set up our bot. Click Done. And, test it out. Now, come back to your dashboard. Alright, it looks good. Let’s check our Salesforce. There you go! Your bot will now run in the background and do all the work for you. You don’t have to do it manually anymore.


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