Keys to mastering the 5 main SaaS ERP subscription models

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Realizing the SaaS promise of cheaper, more flexible and scalable ERP is only possible if you know how to keep usage-based, per-user and other common pricing schemes straight.

Increasingly, enterprises are considering moving to SaaS ERP systems to operate more efficiently and save money. But as they do, they’re being faced with a confusing array of pricing options, including per-user and usage-based pricing.

Several experts weighed in on the various pricing models to help organizations better understand SaaS ERP subscription costs. Here’s what they said.

Usage-based pricing
With usage-based pricing, also known as pay-as-you-go pricing, companies only pay for the services they use. Usage-based pricing offers more flexibility and control over spending. Typically, this model is best for cloud storage services, data services and recurring billing services. – Read more