Is Desktop as a Service Made For The BPO Industry?

The BPO industry is one of the sectors that has received immense growth opportunities even during the pandemic – especially during the pandemic. Last year, the market size of the industry was around 232 billion.

Many organizations, small and big, are trying to optimize their budget and reduce overheads. As a result, utilizing BPO services seems like a blessing in disguise, a chance to save your money. However, if we talk about BPO companies, while they have work in-flow, their security structure is still concerning many organizations.

Turning to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can impart the ability to ensure remote work and seamless operations of the business. Find out why DaaS is the solution for the BPO industry.

Some Reasons Why BPO Industry Can Benefit From DaaS

As a BPO company owner, you may be wondering about gaining a competitive edge through innovative ways of meeting customer demands. But, how can you achieve it if your security is falling off and the costs are just too high?

Utilize DaaS to mitigate your issues. Explore how that is possible:

  1. Hire Remote Talent

BPO organizations are no strangers to the concept of remote work. They hire staff, contractors, and agents from across the globe to fulfill business requirements. But, the issue here is communication and seamless collaboration.

Without proper infrastructure, how can these remote workers collaborate?

How can you manage these remote workers without any hassle?

How will your remote workers access office tools and applications?

DaaS is a managed solution that provides cloud hosted virtual desktops. These desktops take your entire structure to the employee in a secure way. This gives them the power to access data on various endpoints, which means more straightforward collaboration.

Further, you can offer remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.

The solution is right there! Read on to know how it is entirely safe to use DaaS for remote working.

  1. Centrally Manage Your Business

When you have different IT endpoints and many remote workers, it is a challenge to manage the IT infrastructure. Your IT team is always on their toes to ensure secure work access and maximum uptime for software and apps.

Fortunately, we have DaaS to simplify the management of your business. Since DaaS centrally stores your entire desktop on a remote cloud server, you are can centrally manage your business. Your workers can use thin clients on their personal computers or laptops, and you can centrally track and manage the access of these clients.

  1. Seamlessly Scale

In the BPO industry, scaling resources is the need of the hour. As your hire more remote employees, add to your services, and streamline your operations, you will require more and more resources.

More resources to store data

More resources to process data

More resources to secure data

But, we don’t live in an ideal world. Hence, we can’t predict a sudden upsurge in demand and prepare for the future while staying within budget. You can observe a need to scale during the peak season even when you have previously scaled your resources, the ultimate budget optimization glitch.

DaaS offers on-demand resource scaling. You have immense flexibility in this case. Whenever your demand goes up, you can improve your resources and storage, and when you don’t need them anymore, you can reduce them. Your payment also cycle adjusts according to your usage.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Security

This is the prime reason why a large number of BPO firms choose DaaS is security.


Security is the first concern for every organization. In a BPO environment, this concern is enhanced, as you are saving corporate data of customers who are saving data of their customers. So, you are put in a position to ensure data security and privacy for the customer of your customer. With this, you also need to leverage remote working abilities.

The tension around security, in this case, is immeasurable.

Desktop as a Service is a solution that makes this task simpler. Through this fully managed solution, you can ensure endpoint security and privacy of customer data from your DaaS provider.

Here’s an example of how:

If you have ten remote workers in the organization, all of them need to access crucial client data; then you only need DaaS for security. The DaaS structure helps you access virtual desktops on many endpoints. However, none of these endpoints actually store data. In other types of remote working structures, endpoints usually store data. So, when an endpoint is lost, stolen, or hacked, your organization’s reputation is in jeopardy. But, wait!

DaaS gives online access to desktops without storing data on endpoints. When an endpoint is hacked or stolen, all you need to do is quickly revoke access from that user or endpoint and secure your data without any hassle.

  1. Ensure Compliance

In the BPO industry, compliance guidelines are stringent and complicated to follow. Because of the customer data privacy compliances, you always need to stay on top of your security. With the security structure we just discussed above, compliance comes by automatically.

Desktop as a Service further eliminates the need for manual customer data updates or on-premise data storage. Your business can stay compliant and avoid penalties as your service provider will adhere to the latest compliance policies.

  1. Work Without Interruption

If you want your employees to work without interruption, you need to offer them access without downtime. If your systems are crashing, experiencing cyberattacks, or server access is fluctuating, then how will you provide the ability to work without interruption?

With DaaS, reputed DaaS providers offer you an uptime of at least 99.99% (SLA guaranteed). This means you will experience a downtime of almost 52 minutes per year. You will not even get not to notice the downtime, and your employees will have the ability to access virtual desktops whenever they want.

DaaS for BPO: An Efficient Combination

DaaS presents itself as an efficient partner to the BPO industry because it is fully managed in nature. When you are using different IT units, and a full-fledged IT structure managed in-house, your IT team needs to work round the clock. They are always on duty to repair systems, ensure uptime, and recover data. Even with all this hard work, you still get much less uptime without the cloud. DaaS is equipped to help you reduce work interruption, ensure compliance, and enhance security. Utilize this fully managed service to gain a competitive edge and surge ahead of your competitors.

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