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It’s no secret that email has transformed workplace communications over the past three or four decades.

The benefits of email—from enabling asynchronous communication to organizing conversations—are profound, and we’ll get into some of those later. But what’s often overlooked is our over-reliance on this method of communication, and how it might actually be hurting the productivity and efficiency of many businesses.1

That’s right. You and your team are probably relying on email too much.

Not only does an infatuation with email lead to the development of email anxiety, but it’s also holding your company back from reaching its ultimate potential.2

We’re not telling you to abandon email. That would be… unwise.3 In fact, in most companies, email will continue to reign supreme as the ultimate communication method.

But that’s not to say email is the answer to everything. There are situations, problems, projects, conversations, details, and ideas that aren’t fit to be communicated via email. Some things, as you may have already discovered while working remotely during COVID-19, are better communicated over products and services that RingCentral provides, such as videophone, and instant messaging.

So without further ado, here are some things you’ll walk away knowing after reading this article:

The benefits of email communication

Like most things that are common and popular, there’s a reason nearly every company in the world relies on email for communication.

And that’s because effective email communication helps attract new business, nurture leads, close deals, enhance relationships, improve collaboration and idea-sharing, strengthen organizational bonds, and so on.

Really, there are countless benefits of having a dependable, well-oiled email communication process at your company. The problem? Many companies don’t. And that could be due, in part, to the fact that they don’t understand the benefits of email communication skills and how to make the most of them.

If that’s you, then have no fear. You’re about to learn them now. – Read more

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Collaboration Software
Collaboration Software

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