How to keep track of the number of people in my building? Simplify Counting people!

My Post (10)Do you need to simplify the process of counting people in your building?

As we continue to move forward to the future beyond COVID the next phase of questions coming from customers is how do we manage to track the number of people in the building, can we track how many people on each floor of the building, how can we be sure we do not get too many people in reception/lobby and meeting rooms? What are the building occupancy limits?

What are the benefits of tracking people’s numbers in your building? Why should I even care? Every building has limits on the capacity of people, every level has limits on how many people can be on the level. Since COVID the number of people in a building, across one or many floors in the building has significantly reduced. What are your limits? Should you start counting how many people are in your building? Should you start counting how many people are on level 23?

Do you need to know how many people on each level in your building?

The great news is you can do this with your visitor management system. Book in a demonstration

  • Live visibility on how many people in each area of your business, employees, visitors, contractors, and volunteers
  • Allow employees to see occupancy levels live through the intranet before driving 45 minutes to the office only to be told there is no capacity.
  • Set capacity limits in each section.
  • Traditional retail people counting systems start at $5000 per floor and they do not include visitor and contractor management. Do you need to count people?
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