How to improve the productivity of your hiring team?

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the recruitment processes of many organizations. The traditional hiring practices have given way to modern recruitment software solutions. The modern HR today is adapting to technology and digitizing their recruitment strategies. This digital transformation ensures greater efficiency and employee productivity.

The first step towards modernizing your traditional hiring processes is by implementing recruitment software. Recruitment software will help you to streamline and automate your traditional recruitment processes and make a better hire even during this pandemic. It also helps you in improving team communication and promoting better company culture. 

In addition to this, there are a couple of more tools that will help your hiring team in achieving their goals and smoothen out your processes. In this blog, we are going to talk about four essential tools that you need to improve the productivity of your hiring team. These tools will ensure that your team stays efficient even during this pandemic crisis.

How you can improve the productivity of your hiring team?

Here is a list of productivity tools that you can use to improve your hiring team’s efficiency and boost productivity on a day-to-day basis.

#1 – Advanced Recruiting Software

To be on the top of the recruitment game especially in a global crisis like the COVID-19, you need to implement innovative recruitment strategies and tactics. 

With working from homes slowly becoming the new normal, recruitment too has become a remote activity. Thus, hiring teams need to leverage recruiting software to make talent acquisition more efficient and effective, particularly for remote positions.

Your recruitment software should have all the necessary features required for successful talent acquisition. These include tools for job advertising, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, reporting, and analytics. Your recruitment software should be such that it helps in reducing the amount of time you spend on doing menial tasks with automations.

#2 – Human Resource Management System

In addition to recruitment software, you should also include a Human Resource Management System to increase productivity of your hiring team. This system contains a lot of tools that will help you streamline a number of HR processes.

Your HR Management Software must contain tools for attendance tracking, leave management, payroll, and payments, performance reviews, and appraisals as well as employee monitoring tools. Your system should also have the flexibility to integrate it with your recruitment software.

Human Resource Management System will make your employee management a seamless task on a long term basis.

#3 – Payroll Software

Having a dedicated payroll system for calculating salaries, bonuses, as well as other perks, goes a long way in simplifying the lives of the HR Team.

The right payroll software will enable you to manage the paychecks, calculate bonuses, monitoring overtime and time offs, and a lot more. This will also help in shaping the morale of your employees and ensuring their happiness. It will increase employee engagement and help you save time and resources required to calculate monthly attendance and salaries.

#4 – Onboarding Tools

A seamless onboarding process is again one of the most important steps of a successful hiring process. Onboarding tools help you in delivering a great experience to your new employees, excellent time management as well as productivity improvement. Making your new employees feel comfortable on their first day of the job is very important. 

Using an intuitive onboarding tool will help you make your new joiners feel right at home. It will help you save time and money. As everything they need to start the work is in one place, they no longer have to wait for instructions or worry about their new work environment.

You can certainly use these productivity tools for your recruitment team members. With these tools at your side, you should have no problem acquiring and retaining the top talent in the industry.

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Divya Bandodkar is Content Strategist at Jobsoid. In spite of hailing from an IT background, she chose to take up writing as her profession. Her passion for writing got her out from the lines of code and placed her in between the sheets of paper.

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