How to choose the right project management software for your business

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The ever-evolving technology has introduced numerous innovative techniques and options to help you in organising your work. Among the best available options is To-do apps but while they are quite useful, when it comes to organising a large team’s workload, they can only do so much, and this is where dedicated project management software comes in.

Project management software not only facilitates effective communication but also enables collaboration; which is why it is vital that you select the right project management software. With the right tool, you can not only guarantee the success of your project, but the project manager can effectively ship on time. Similarly, when you are working on a hectic project, it is inevitable to have a lot on your mind; and a project management software helps you ease through the pressure. In essence, it can make or break a project!

With this in mind, it is quite clear that you need to take time to carefully think about how to acquire the right project management software. Even so, the massive number of options available it can get confusing, and this is precisely why we have created this guideline for you.

By following the few tips outlined below as well as recommendations, you can ensure that you quickly identify and acquire the right software to help you achieve your objectives and also come to a successful conclusion. Here is everything you need to know how to choose the best project management software for your business.

Why is it essential that you select the right project management system?

Attempting to manage all the moving elements of any project complex or small through manual approaches or even using spreadsheets can not only get ineffective, but it can also get out of hand pretty fast with severe consequences. Besides just missed deadlines, you could also be looking at instances of jobs falling through the cracks, overlooking of critical tasks, not having a clue as to what your resources are working on, and in a worst case scenario, your whole project getting dumped or sidelined even before it takes off. This is why it is not only right but also mandatory that you pick the right project management software.

By deploying and leveraging the right project management can effectively streamline the whole process, allowing your organisation to deliver not just high-quality work, but with greater success.

Factors to consider when choosing the right project management software:

Getting the right tool for project management has always been quite a challenge for most buyers especially if you don’t have an idea of what to look for. However, in this guideline, we outline some of the most important factors you should consider when choosing your project management software. Check them out…

1. Cost

Like with any other item you would want to purchase, the cost is a significant factor worth considering. With project management software cost goes beyond the purchase price. It is usually about whether the productivity benefits offered by this tool outweigh both the resources and time you spend on it.
Although it is in the short-term, bringing in new software to your organisation will inevitably cost you a lot of money and time. However, getting the right solution renders your projects significantly easier subsequently making the software pay for itself. Therefore before purchasing any tool, evaluate its cost as well as consider both the funds and time you will spend on it.

Project management software varies from one provider to the next. Nonetheless, what you should strive to achieve is value for your money. If you acquire the right software, it will be a worthwhile investment. Alternatively, it could get worse if your choice of software does not adequately cover your needs.

One of the best and most recommended project management software in this aspect is At a standard cost starting at around $19/month and allowing a user capacity of 5 individuals, it is among the most cost-friendly tools available. What’s more, besides the affordable initial cost, Mavenlink is a uniquely designed program that helps ensure you never miss any deadline, a benefit which in the long-term means you get your money worth!

Mavenlink is equipped with exclusive Gantt chart snapshots that help you identify and keep track of your deadlines. It allows you to pick a baseline for your project (timeframe you expect to complete it). You can, therefore, tasks with accompanying dependencies and you can identify tasks that are colliding/blocking each other, and you can subsequently drag them and reschedule to pave the way for more crucial tasks. Lastly, it allows you to set the price budget and time for projects as well as the amount of time your team requires subsequently ensuring that you don’t blow over your budget or even overwork your crew. In essence, not only does it come cheap, but it also means you never have to incur losses.

Recommended Software: Mavenlink


2. Usability

Bulky and Cumbersome tools not only pose a difficulty to its users, but it also can become a significant maintenance hazard, effectively draining your business’s resources. Complex software also means a lot of days spent training your team until it is fully transitioned-which in essence is a waste of valuable time.   As such, it is essential that the tool you select affords you the proper blend of features delivered through an easy to use and intuitive interface which compliments how your team operates.

This software rates highly among software experts and users alike for its remarkable ease of use. Usually, to-do apps are traditionally too simple for complicated team projects-but not with Asana. This tool is easy particularly with to-do list based projects dedicated on due dates. Subsequently, the status updates and dashboards in this tool transform into something which can manage more complex tasks. All you need to do is list everything on Asana’s project lists that you wish to do, add notes, sub-tasks, as well as tags to monitor every aspect of your task and cancel out things as they are accomplished. What’s more, it boasts a quick graph that facilitates easy tracking the progress of each project among many other features.

Recommended Software:

3. Collaboration

Another vital aspect of project management software that is worth considering is whether it is collaboration-friendly or in other words, does the software offer your team the flexibility and tools to work together?

When shopping for project management software, go for one that offers genuine collaboration opportunities as well as one that can be utilised by everyone simultaneously. By affording an avenue that promotes easy sharing of ideas and collective working, you can benefit from a solid team effort which permits your effective use of your team’s diverse skillset to significant effect.

Trello is a remarkable software that is virtually unmatched for its ability to facilitate effective and active collaboration. Its design is solely dedicated to collaboration with centralised notifications and comments on every task. With it, you can create boards for your projects, share them with your other collaborators, as well as link company boards and subsequently manage them simultaneously. Also, it allows you to add on the necessary features for performing your tasks.

Similarly useful is Basecamp which in essence is a real-time project management tool which facilitates effective collaboration and communication between your team. With its unique set of features that include a calendaring, to-do list, as well as file sharing among others, this tool offers an effective way for organisations to identify and monitor actionable tasks and priorities.

Recommended Software: Trello and Basecamp

4. Customisation

Any professional developer should always afford you the freedom to customise software where necessary to effectively meet your objectives. In fact, good software development firms should encourage you to identify ways on how you can customise the tool to meet your needs. This is particularly important since it allows you to tweak and twist the tool to suit your requirements and effectively meet your needs. As such, when looking for your ideal project management tool, it is essential that you ascertain that it offers you the freedom to customise it.

With Wrike, you can easily customise your tasks with track time, duration, as well as write rich-text notes and subsequently set them either as in-progress or pending rather than just checking them off. What’s more, to help you keep up with your tasks notwithstanding your location, it allows you to export a customised calendar feed comprising just the fundamental details of the tasks you want.

Recommended Software: Wrike


Things to remember

While picking out the right project management software can come off as intimidating and confusing. Think of it: right before you are a wide array of options promising you optimised decision making, progress, as well as improved customer satisfaction but then again, it could also mean a missed opportunity not to mention relentless chaos. Nevertheless, don’t make the mistake of going for the easy way out!

By following these few guidelines and taking time to evaluate your individual needs, you will eventually identify and settle for software that best suits your needs. Choose that which is right for your organisation, your team, as well as your clients and you, will surely realise meet all your business goals with utmost ease!

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