How to choose a team chat app for your small business

Looking for a chat app that helps your team stay in touch, wherever they work? You’ve come to the right place.

In the world of hybrid work, communication reigns supreme. If folks in the office can’t easily reach team members working at home, and vice versa, tasks are bound to fall through the cracks. That’s time (and money) wasted, and small businesses know that every penny counts.

You might think any old instant messaging system will do the job just fine… and you might be right. But you’d be surprised how much a feature-rich, reliable chat app can transform the way you work. So let’s dive in.

The business benefits of a great team chat app

Chances are you’re already aware of what most communication tools have to offer.

You know, basic features such as team chat and private chat channels.

However, there are key functions “under the hood” that separate the best team communication tools from the not-so-great ones. Below are some key features to keep an eye on while you’re shopping for tools.

They put all of your communications in one place (including messaging, video, and phone)

If you think of business “communication” as little more than email, it’s time to think bigger.

Not everything needs to be an email, after all. Want to save time and get more done? Then you’ll need to be able to communicate via a variety of channels.

For example, video calls allow you to experience a face-to-face interaction at a moment’s notice. Need a time-efficient alternative to email chains? Try off-the-cuff phone calls and voice chats. And don’t forget about mobile-friendly features to make sure that you can get in touch with your remote workers and folks on the go. For instance, RingCentral’s app (designed for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android) lets you flip a call from your computer to your phone (and vice versa) with just a tap:

switch call from video to phone

Cool, eh?

After all, the endgame of adopting a team communication app is to reduce your team’s workload and become more efficient in real time, all the while building relationships with your colleagues. That means being able to talk to each other, regardless of where everyone’s working from. – Read more

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