How Thinkific’s Using 700+ Landing Pages to Double Their SaaS Growth This Year

My Post - 2020-02-04T162207.347.pngWhen SaaS companies grow, they want to grow fast.

But for every dollar you raise from investors, for every new developer you hire, and for every new beanbag chair you add to your fancy office loft—your marketing team gets put under just a little bit more pressure. Because when you start to scale up, everyone looks to the marketers on your team to deliver more leads, more demo requests, more trial starts, more paying customers, more, more, more.

(OK, so maybe it’s a lot of pressure.)

That’s why it’s important for SaaS marketers to be able to build and test campaigns quickly to see what actually works. It’s a strategy that’s helped Thinkific, the #1 software to create and sell your own online courses, grow from a scrappy startup to an industry leader in just a few years.

Here’s what Andrea Merson, Senior Director of Marketing and Creative at Thinkific, remembers about when they were just starting to scale up.

Andrea Merson, Thinkific

I was with the company when there were just six of us. We had no design team for marketing and really limited resources. Back then, we were just trying to iterate quickly to see what worked.

Since then, Thinkific has grown into a company of over 100 employees and 40,000 customers. And Andrea says they’re still ramping up to become even bigger—over the next year, Thinkific is on track to double in size.

To drive all this growth, their team is running some seriously impressive marketing campaigns. Here are just a few of the ways Thinkific has been able to generate leads and expand the top of their funnel using Unbounce…

  • In less than two years, Thinkific published over 700 landing pages to drive more than 150,000 (!!!) conversions.
  • On one promotional campaign alone, they were able to drive 600 new customers to sign up for Thinkific Pro over just two weeks (doubling their traffic and conversion rates from the year prior).
  • They’ve been able to hit 50% conversion rates on their webinar landing pages, even getting over 10,000 people to register and participate in a recent online summit.

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