How Does QuickBooks Enterprise With Hosting Work?

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is the process of migrating your software to the cloud of a third-party provider. It gives remote access to QB Enterprise from any location at any time. 

This means that you can access your enterprise application regardless of your location. Since your application is no longer installed on office computers, you can even access QuickBooks Enterprise as well as its data from miles away at 2 AM in the night.

In this article, we will explore how QuickBooks Enterprise with hosting works and why you need it. 

How QuickBooks Hosting Functions?

Understanding QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps in knowing whether this service is valuable for your business or not. You can even utilize this knowledge to find the right service provider, which will prove beneficial in the future. 

So, let’s explore how QuickBooks Enterprise hosting functions:

  1. When you decide to host your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, your app is moved to the cloud server. The cloud provider’s team hosts and installs this app and migrates the data to the cloud. However, you need an authorized license copy of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for this process.
  2. Once your app and data are completely moved to the cloud, you get access to apps on your end-point devices through the Internet. Here are a few considerations:
    • Proper security measures in form of multi-factor authentication of the user. Every time a user wants to access the app, they need to authorize it through multiple methods.
    • Remote desktop protocol or RDP is used for access. A bridge is created between the device of the user and the network.  
    • Your users get access to QuickBooks Enterprise software from any device, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, working on any OS, such as iOS, macOS, or Windows. 
  3. As the client, you can access your QuickBooks Enterprise software from Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or any other browser. 
  4. The entire functionality of cloud-hosted QuickBooks Enterprise software remains exactly the same as desktop software. 
  5. Whenever a user makes changes to the data, these modifications are immediately stored in the QuickBooks and become accessible to everyone who has credentials. Your changes reflect in every file instantly, even when more than one user is working on the file. 

How Cloud Hosting is Better than Desktop Version?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an amazing software for accounting and bookkeeping, widely utilized by thousands of CPA firms. However, on the office computer, it has certain limitations -not in terms of its own functionalities but restrictions of in-house hosting. 

  • Access to limited users
  • Lack of remote working
  • Locally stored data
  • Lack of real-time data updates
  • Inconvenient way of collaboration and file sharing
  • Security threats of the local IT infra
  • Higher costs of management
  • Scaling issues

Fortunately, all these drawbacks of local desktops can be mitigated through cloud hosting. Let’s see how cloud hosting eliminates these issues.

Why You Need QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

Are you still wondering why you should move to the cloud? Here are the reasons why. 

On the Go

You have complete visibility and control of your data anywhere, anytime. When you are miles away from your office, or in a different time zone, or a little late to visit the office, you just need a laptop or a smartphone to open a browser, key-in login details, and access the QuickBooks Enterprise software. 


You can work with any number of people on the cloud platform. However, on-premise QuickBooks Enterprise enables only one user to work on a PC. When on the cloud, you can access the same data with multiple other users. These changes are reflected in real-time, improving team collaboration.  


Your data stays safe on the cloud of the hosting provider. You get bank-level security in the form of multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, access control, audit trail, intrusion detection system, continuous monitoring, and firewalls. 

Unlimited Storage

You will not run short of storage on the cloud. As your business grows, your data grows, which you can manage with the cloud. Just call your cloud service provider and scale your storage requirements. When you don’t require all this storage, you can easily downscale as well. 

Integrated Apps

When you host your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud, you can seamlessly integrate other third-party apps as well. Since cloud offers customizable options, you can use as many applications as desired on the cloud.

Lower Costs 

Using hosting reduces your capital expenses. You don’t need to set up the on-premise IT infrastructure to accommodate the high-level requirements of the software. Simply open your browser and use QuickBooks. 


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers take data backup regularly. Everything on your QuickBooks software is backed up to multiple servers, which offers disaster recovery quickly and in a hassle-free manner. 

Why You Need QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

To select the right cloud service provider, you need to take care of the following things:

  • Cost of hosting
  • Uptime of hosting- look for 99.999%
  • Data, app, and end-point security
  • Customer Support offered
  • Scalability ease and options

Can I Host Any QuickBooks on the Cloud?

Yes, you can host any QuickBooks Desktop versions on the cloud. If you already have a QB Enterprise license, the provider can host the same. However, if you do not have a license, you can purchase it from an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host.


You can ideally host any version of your QuickBooks Desktop software on the cloud. You just need to find the right provider, check their services, evaluate their efficiency, and approve the migration. Here on, you have the power to focus on your accounting activities, and the cloud service provider will manage the rest. 

Author-Bio: Sharad Acharya is a technical writer at Ace Cloud Hosting. He loves to research the latest technologies and has written articles on the cloud, virtualization, and security. You can follow him on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.  

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